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Apex Mobiletech

Apex Mobiletech is a software development company building mobile solutions for the property market.

To offer a great service to their clients, their customer service team is on hand Monday – Friday, 8am – 8pm and Saturday, 8am – 4pm.

As such, they have to schedule employees accordingly to fulfil the longer opening hours but also ensure that it was within employees’ contracted hours.

Previously, they were using Excel to schedule but found it too rigid and inflexible. They also had to schedule according to a basic pattern to ensure that the hours scheduled didn’t exceed contracted hours.

With RotaGeek,’s simple and powerful interface, they could set contracted hours per employee and drag and drop shifts to create a schedule that could be varied week on week, increasing employee satisfaction and yet meet the requirements.


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"RotaGeek offers a flexible user friendly platform for all of our employee scheduling needs. Its dynamic nature not only makes it a powerful management tool but also a favourite amongst staff who are able to check their schedules well in advance over multiple platforms."

Peter Randall, Operations