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Inspiration Lifestyle Services

Inspiration Lifestyle Services provides 24 hour specialist residential care to adults with learning disabilities over 3 residential homes in Wales.

They have a team of over 50 staff who work around the clock to ensure their service users’ needs are catered for.

As the team expanded, it became more difficult and time consuming to manage their staff’s schedules. This was also made worse as the head office team had to manage across multiple locations.

They tried a few other solutions but instead of helping the head office team save time, it was the reverse as the solution they tested was too complicated and even caused errors.

Having started using RotaGeek, they have significantly reduced their time spent scheduling and now have far less mistakes than before due to the simple user interface.


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“We are a big fan of RotaGeek’s interface. It looks a lot fresher than other solutions we have tried. It’s also really easy to use. We have also been really impressed with their customer service and wouldn’t hesitate recommending them to other businesses.”

Stephen Jamieson, Managing Director