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Digital Employee Scheduling Solution for your Business

RotaGeek delivers more accurate scheduling and offers greater operational oversight of your business.

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Key Features

Easy to use digital solution to empower your employees

Intuitive Design

It takes minutues to set up your employees and create shifts.

Mobile app

Employees can view their schedules and request swaps and leave anytime through our Android and iPhone app.

Time and attendance

Employees can clock in and out of shifts through the website or mobile app.

Email and text alerts

Notify employees instantly of any new schedules and changes.

Swaps and leave requests

Manage swaps and leave requests all in one place.

Payroll and leave

View leave balances, track who is away at any given time in the leave calendar and process payroll reports.

Intelligent and data driven scheduling

Powerful features for even more accurate scheduling

Time and attendance

Employees can clock in and out of shifts through the website or mobile app.

Data driven scheduling

Schedule according to predicted footfall and employee preferences or availability, ensuring that you always have the right number of staff at all times.

Automatic scheduler

Automatically match employee's contracted hours and preferences with a store's required hours to create the optimal schedule.

Custom Reporting

Create a custom report to help you achieve your business goals.


Get help integrating your payroll and staff data with your HR, EPOS and payroll software.

Proof of concept trial in 48 hours

Set up your account and get your staff up and running in less than 48 hours.

Business Impact

We have proven expertise to work with you to deliver efficiency savings and operational improvements

Saving manager time

On average, we save two hours per store per week in admin, approximately £2,000 savings per manager.

More accurate scheduling

Scheduling to variables such as footfall data allows staffing to be better matched to demand, creating a more accurate schedule.

Improve staff morale

Empower employees with increased schedule visibility, quicker leave turnaround times and swap requests empowers.

Greater oversight of the business

With our powerful reporting, gain operational insights to your business.

Reduce absence rates

With time and attendance, easily monitor your employees attendance and absence rates.

Secure communication

Reduce the risk of communication failure with our automatic alerts.