Free rides for our #NHSheroes during COVID-19

Chris McCullough, CEO & Co-Founder

It’s during difficult times that solidarity becomes even more vital. 

From fashion and beauty conglomerates producing masks and hand sanitiser to gym studios running free online classes, small tech companies offering their services at no cost, retired doctors and nurses going to work and individuals helping their older neighbours do their grocery shopping – everyone is trying to help as much as they can.
 And this week we became aware of another great initiative and thought we would share it with you all and help to spread the word a little bit further!
Minicabit and the Fishmongers' Company's Charitable Trust have launched together a fundraising campaign to offer NHS staff free rides between their homes and work.
While most of us are asked to stay home, healthcare workers are travelling to work everyday to fight the pandemic. Minicabit’s free rides will make a huge difference, particularly for workers coming off long & late shifts. This will enable workers who are, perhaps, more likely to be infectious, to avoid travelling on crowded public transport should help to reduce the rate of infection.
Minicabit said “Our NHS staff currently have enough challenges at the frontline. Getting there shouldn’t be one of them.”
We are incredibly proud of this initiative and would like to help spread the word. 
If you are a registered NHS nurse or Healthcare key worker you can sign up at to participate in the scheme to receive free cab rides.
Anyone is able to help this amazing initiative by sending a donation to the team behind it via their Go Fund Me page here!
Thanks for reading! Stay Safe 🚀
PS: Rotageek is offering our expertise, free of charge, to all Healthcare & NHS teams to aid workforce management, shift planning & communication during the crisis. More info on that here.