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How To Build A Business Case for Rota Software | What’s The ROI?

You only have to ask your employees how many hours they spend scheduling to see the immediate benefits of automated rota software. But whilst this technology is proven to save time, make your workers happier and cut costs, what your investor wants to know is the numbers. How much impact will the system have on your individual business?

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Man vs machine – who schedules staff better?

It’s become one of the more tired tropes in technology, an almost ‘age old’ question in what is still a ...

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Managing Fatigue For Doctors in your Healthcare Staff Rotas

We know that the fatigue of healthcare professionals directly affects the safety and quality of care received ...

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Geek Speak: COVID-19 x Fairly distribute reduced hours

Fair hours distribution of team hours when demand has significantly dropped. COVID-19 is causing significant ...

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COVID-19 x Algorithms to reduce infection exposure in the workplace

Using scheduling algorithms to reduce infection exposure in the workplace Here at Rotageek we use algorithms ...

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Algorithms vs. Employees - Benefits of Automated Employee Scheduling

We came across a news article last week (“Here’s What Happens When an Algorithm Determines Your Work ...

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Geek Speak: Technophobia

What would we do without technology? Here Rotageek's Tara Dunham explores the topic of technophobia... The ...

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