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Catering to employee preferences through automatic scheduling

As the UK’s leading provider of automatic scheduling software, we are often tackled with the challenge of delivering a solution that caters for all walks of life. In this blog, Rotageek’s Head of Data Science, Dan Chamberlain, discusses how innovations in technology can cater to self rostering, generating a fairer, more optimised set of rules than human schedulers. TL;DR? You can now listen to the blog post ⬇️ here: Rotageek · Rotageek: Catering to employee preferences through automatic scheduling

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Man vs machine – who schedules staff better?

It’s become one of the more tired tropes in technology, an almost ‘age old’ question in what is still a ...

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Managing Fatigue For Doctors in your Healthcare Staff Rotas

We know that the fatigue of healthcare professionals directly affects the safety and quality of care received ...

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Geek Speak: COVID-19 x Fairly distribute reduced hours

Fair hours distribution of team hours when demand has significantly dropped. COVID-19 is causing significant ...

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COVID-19 x Algorithms to reduce infection exposure in the workplace

Using scheduling algorithms to reduce infection exposure in the workplace Here at Rotageek we use algorithms ...

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Algorithms vs. Employees - Benefits of Automated Employee Scheduling

We came across a news article last week (“Here’s What Happens When an Algorithm Determines Your Work ...

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How to make a fair staff rota in the workplace

At Rotageek, we create scheduling technology that enable fair rotas... Importantly, we’re trying to figure ...

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Five long-term benefits of data-driven scheduling

Creating, editing and disseminating schedules can often feel like a time-consuming, hurried and reactive ...

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Retail Technology & Data - what are retailers missing?

Today, it’s the high street brands without their own online shop that stand out as exceptions to the rule. ...

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