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How Retailers Can Grow In-Store Sales in 2021 | Rotageek

Online booking system Appointedd’s poll indicated that 46.7% of consumers don’t think they will return to their previous level of in-store shopping, whilst Shopify’s Chief Financial Officer has predicted that online shopping will now be permanently boosted by the pandemic. Therefore, brick and mortar stores will have to work hard to woo back their customers. 

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How to improve customer experience in retail stores in 2021

There’s no doubt that the retail industry has been hit hard by the pandemic. With reduced footfall and ...

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How to take the in-store experience to the next level and brands who did it

Long gone are the days of a simple pop in and purchase. Up and down the high street, brick and mortar stores ...

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Want to build an in-store experience? Start with your rota

How can your retail rota contribute to a great in store experience? The in-store experience is everything in ...

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Five long-term benefits of data-driven scheduling

Creating, editing and disseminating schedules can often feel like a time-consuming, hurried and reactive ...

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Reviving Retail

The way we shop is changing. Just a few years ago, same-day delivery seemed like an impossible feat — but ...

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