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In Conversation with Oliver Banks - The Future of U.K. Retail

This week Rotageek talks to Oliver Banks, a leading retail consultant who specialises in delivering effective transformation programmes for large retailers. With the future of the retail industry an uncertain sight, Banks shares how retailers can adapt to change, transform quickly and overcome the devastating effects of Covid-19.

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How staff scheduling benefits franchise management

Workforce management (WFM) technology and staff scheduling solutions have been around for a long time. But ...

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The State of Retail in a Covid-19 world

What does the ‘next normal’ really mean when it comes to retail in the UK or even further afield? With the ...

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3 things retail-ops can learn from 2018

2018 brought about many challenges and pressures - but also lots of growth and opportunities for positive ...

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Retail Technology & Data - what are retailers missing?

Today, it’s the high street brands without their own online shop that stand out as exceptions to the rule. ...

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We need to change how we think about productivity

In theory, there’s nothing wrong with the term. But employers and businesses feel uncomfortable about using ...

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