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Supporting deskless workers in a Covid-19 world

Flexible working has become one of the top buzzwords of 2020. Whether guiding a transition to remote working, or supporting those affected by homeschooling and the virus, millions of UK employees have been granted flexibility in the workplace. But what about the forgotten workforce - those without desks? There have been hundreds of studies and guides shared for engaging office-based employees during the pandemic. Yet doctors, supermarket workers, labourers and those who can’t work virtually need equal if not more support. As non-essential shops, gyms, hotels and entertainment centres reopen for a second time, it begs the question - how can businesses support our deskless workers?

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Your employee well-being checklist - improving retention

Employee well-being is an ongoing hot topic. No more is it just a box to be ticked - companies have begun to ...

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Live Mental Health & Wellbeing Webinars

Rotageek x Thrive: Anxiety & Resilience Webinars With most businesses closed and working through the ...

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Thrive x Rotageek partner to offer free tailored therapeutic webinars

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Retailers can create jobs for life. Here’s how:

With almost three million workers, the retail industry is the UK’s largest private sector employer. But ...

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Flexibility vs. stability - here's why schedules need to cater to both

Flexibility at work* is trendy. There are countless articles telling employers that, if they want to attract ...

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Mental hygiene and the workplace

One in six people report experiencing a common mental health problem in any given week. A quarter of the UK’s ...

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