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Surrey trust pilots pioneering NHS demand-led rostering solution

Surrey-based Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, one of the UK’s foremost Trusts, has signed a trial agreement with leading digital companies Rotageek and Locum's Nest to test the NHS’ first-of-its-kind demand-led rostering.   Adopting a best-in-class approach to interoperability, the solution links scheduling and locums in an integrated network that ensures the right staffing levels are available to meet patient demand, and that the right roles make the rota, ultimately improving patient care.

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Catering to employee preferences through automatic scheduling

As the UK’s leading provider of automatic scheduling software, we are often tackled with the challenge of ...

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Reward vs Penalty - The Rise of Time and Attendance Tracking

Time and attendance tracking is a common practice. For businesses that rely on contractors and shift workers, ...

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Staff scheduling | Your guide to employee scheduling in 2020

Staff scheduling is often a time consuming and difficult job for most organisations. The perfect balance of ...

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The biggest healthcare trends in 2020 | Digital transformation in health

Social distancing, virtual doctors’ appointments and data scientists predicting disease. What do these three, ...

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5 Ways rotas will change as stores reopen amidst COVID-19

5 Ways rotas will change as stores reopen! At some point in the near future, the high-street will reopen and ...

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Geek Speak: Managing fatigue in your healthcare team's rotas

Managing fatigue in your healthcare team's rotas.   We know that the fatigue of healthcare professionals ...

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Geek Speak: COVID-19 x Fairly distribute reduced hours

Fair hours distribution of team hours when demand has significantly dropped. COVID-19 is causing significant ...

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Rotageek & Catapult partner to help retailers meet demand with a shared workforce

LONDON, UK, 13th January 2020 - Rotageek are delighted to announce that we have joined forces with shared ...

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