How they saved £2.5m with Retail Staff Scheduling Software


How Rotageek's staff scheduling software helped O2.

Before working with Rotageek, O2 used spreadsheets to schedule staff across the O2 stores. This meant a number of challenges: spreadsheets are time consuming to write, difficult to share and are inflexible once published. What’s more, they don’t provide a central team oversight nor staff metrics. The O2 team set out to implement a scheduling solution that would allow stores more agility to adapt to customer needs, giving central teams the necessary insight to always meet customer demand.

The Solution.

After a 2-month proof-of-concept trial in July and August 2014, we implemented Rotageek across the 267 company-owned O2 UK stores in two phases between January and February 2015. With a series of daily webinars, we achieved 84% store engagement within 14 days and 99% store engagement within 21 days.

"What we get is a great product at exceptional value"
Operational Efficiency Manager

Results that matter.

By Q3, O2 saved £2.5m through better scheduling - a large return on investment. O2 were able to identify 6,300 hours per week of staff time that was reinvested in the customer experience without increasing costs. As a result of more targeted, data-driven staff scheduling, stores have also seen improved operational efficiency.

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