Diversity and Inclusion at Rotageek

At Rotageek, we want to change the status quo.

Workplaces - particularly in the tech industry - are problematic. We want to fix that.

We’re working towards becoming one of the most inclusive, welcoming organisations in the world. That's a big ask - and we’re far from where we want to be. But we’re dedicated to improvement. This means creating a space where fairness underpins everything, where equity drives change, and where unconscious bias is consciously recognised and broken down.

Diversity and inclusion, to us, is about making our opportunities visible and available to everyone, and creating a space of belonging where all team members are empowered to do a great job. Once we proactively create these opportunities, we don’t hire people because of their gender, or race, or anything other than their potential to do a job well. That’s what diversity and inclusion is about.

We promise to:

  • Frequently review our hiring practices, making sure to remove any form of bias
  • Proactively push out opportunities to underrepresented and discriminated groups
  • Create a space of equity, where people are promoted and rewarded for their work and impact on the company alone
  • Create a safe environment to report any forms of bias or discrimination
  • Take all reports, indications, or instances of bias and/or discrimination extremely seriously
  • Ensure the topic of diversity and inclusion remains a priority and part of the wider company strategy
  • Be an outspoken champion of diversity and inclusion, challenging the status quo within our company and the tech industry as a whole