Healthcare Scheduling

Re-inventing the NHS roster


The future of healthcare rotas

Designed by healthcare professionals, for healthcare professionals. Rotageek is a revolutionary e-rostering system which goes beyond traditional scheduling, helping NHS hospitals and healthcare organisations save time, support self-rostering and create smart, optimised health rotas.

Intuitive, intelligent NHS rotas

Auto-schedule in advance

Use the pioneering algorithm that creates perfectly optimised e-rosters across all your staff, whether that’s substantive, agency or bank.

Compliant scheduling in a few clicks

Through our intuitive medical rota software you can seamlessly allocate shifts across the roster, with real-time rules keeping them in check.

Seamless self-rostering

Let your staff submit availability and preferences in advance, while allowing easy swaps to suit their schedule and support work/life balance.

Trailblazing e-rostering technology

Built with rules in mind

Perfectly aligned with the European Working Time Directive and the NHS 2016 contract, plus able to take your specific rules and preferences into account.

Integrate with intelligence

Interoperability is our speciality. We boast the UK’s only live integration with a bank system, Locum’s Nest, broadcasting and filling vacancies with ease.

Analytics on autoplay

Get transparency with everything from automated timesheets to a forecast of staff levels and spend with optimised, built-in reporting.

Benefiting the NHS


Put patients first

Our e-rostering app makes sure you’ve got the right roles and skills not just to meet patient demand, but to improve service standards and quality of care.


Save on costs

Reduce your reliance on pricey bank or agency staff by using Rotageek’s powerful optimisation engine, ensuring coverage with your existing in-house staff.


Compliant rota templates

Create rotas and validate them for compliance against the Junior Doctor 2016 Contract, the New Deal and Working Time Directive for safer working practices delivered on time and without penalties.


Supports skills development

Give your junior doctors the chance to focus on specialities, or switch between them to support their personal development plans.


Easy exception reporting

Allow doctors to self-report variations from their roster, which can be allocated for additional pay or TOIL by supervisors and notified to the Guardian of Safe Working, as required.


Enable fatigue management

Promote the well being of your healthcare professionals by giving them optimised shifts that are geared towards performance, and time bound to mitigate tiredness.

The Rotageek difference

For rota administrators

  • Reduce roster admin by up to 80%
  • Fewer complaints, with the right people in the right roles
  • Compliant and optimised staff rotas, that can be scheduled months in advance

For healthcare leaders

  • Control payroll costs, with a reduced reliance on bank and agency staff
  • An engaged organisation with highly satisfied staff
  • Better operational intelligence, helping to predict problems before they occur

For NHS doctors and nurses

  • Improved work/life balance through self-rostering
  • Seamless skills development for junior doctors
  • Less fatigue due to flexible, smart rotas

For patients

  • Improved quality of care from the right skilled staff
  • A quicker time to care, with frontline staff focused on patient delivery
  • Continuity of care, with the same staff allocated to support

Intelligent Interoperability

Unlike other healthcare rota software, we believe in interoperability and connected systems that deliver best-in-class patient and professional care.

Connect Rotageek with critical systems like ESR or use data from HES to support more intelligent, optimised rosters that keep both standard rule sets and your own preferences in mind.

Rotageek also has the UK’s only live integration with a bank system, Locum’s Nest. Identify vacant shifts in your doctors' rostering system and automatically fill them from the bank.


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