Liverpool Dental Hospital launches Rotageek for team scheduling during COVID-19 pandemic

LONDON, UK, 22nd April 2020 - As the COVID-19 pandemic has put even more pressure on healthcare professionals, we knew that one of the key operational tasks that would become even more challenging in this uncertain time would be team rostering. Therefore we decided to take our years of expertise, go back to our roots and help the NHS and supporting healthcare organisations by offering our Digital Scheduling Solution, for free, in order to try to help! 

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Speaking to our current healthcare customers we knew that a whole host of day to day scheduling issues were about to get even more challenging and knew our solution could help alleviate these pain points that rota-makers experience when creating rotas:
  • Staff vacancies as a result of staff falling ill or self-isolating.
  • Team schedules changing regularly & communication is time consuming & difficult.
  • Staff need to be segmented into wards by COVID positive, exposed and negative to prevent the spread of the virus.
  • New wards & rotas are being created to deal with increased patient numbers.
  • Managing contract rules & team fatigue when demand is high & rotas change regularly.
Liverpool Dental Hospital, which was currently being repurposed into an urgent care centre for the COVID-19 pandemic, was one of the first organisations to reach out to Rotageek and take advantage of our #inthistogether offer. As with many medical organisations, they were tasked with moving to a 7-day working roster whilst ensuring proper coverage of critical staff (clinicians, nurses, admins, etc). They also predicted there would be a growing rostering challenge as staff reported sickness, self-isolation or needing to look after family members. This meant the roster was ever-changing and there was a need for a system to track staff temporarily off the roster as well
After our first call with Chris  Butterworth at LDH, he was convinced that Rotageek would be able to help solve those problems and 48 hours later, we had the solution up and running and handed over to the team at LDH. Since then, we've been supporting him and the team over email, in-app chat and Zoom to manage any questions and make sure the solution is making their rostering challenges a thing of the past!
The entire Rotageek team has been so happy we've been able to help Liverpool Dental Hospital and so many other NHS teams in this time of need! The company was born out of the NHS and our CEO’s A&E department back in 2006. He was searching for better ways to make, manage and communicate rotas to team members and while we have grown over the last decade into the retail, hospitality and leisure industries, we feel our solution is vital to the healthcare industry now, more than ever!
Here is what we received from Chris on June 3rd 2020 after weeks of using Rotageek:

"Thank you so much for your email and for all the amazing assistance that you (Jason Steuber, Head of Sales) and Ina (Customer Success Manager) have provided for us during this most difficult period for the NHS and for our hospital.

Being able to use the Rotageek software enabled us to move to a different working pattern and to manage staff absence, sickness and self-isolation as well as being able to include other practitioners into our rotas on a flexible basis. Ina has been amazing in her training and help and was always able to provide timely assistance with nothing being too much trouble for her."

If you are interested to find out more about this you can read more information here or drop an email to!