The State of Retail in a Covid-19 World

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How can retailers adapt to the ‘new normal’ whilst remaining profitable, an employer of choice and satisfying new customer demands?

In March 2020, the world went on pause. Restaurants closed. Hairdressers stood down. All non-essential retailers were told to shut up shop. 

But as with any time of radical change, we adapted. Sunday lunches became virtual quiz nights, conferences became Zoom conference calls and shops, pubs and cafes re-opened, albeit with strict social distancing measures still in place.

The world gradually returned to a ‘new normal’. But, what does this mean for the retail industry? A sector that traditionally relies on in-store traffic and spontaneous spending. According to a recent Rotageek and Ipsos survey, 3 in 4 shoppers are still concerned about contracting Covid-19 in stores, whilst over 60% of retail employees are worried about their job security.

How then, can the retail industry keep profitability levels high whilst ensuring both customers and staff are cared for? In this report, we explore how retailers have begun to navigate the social distancing landscape. Using insightful real-life case studies, and our own research with primary shoppers and retail employees, we’ve dug into the numbers to discover a means for surviving in a Covid-19 world.

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