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The Definitive Guide To Employee Scheduling Software

In this definitive guide, we give the lowdown on employee scheduling software and reveal how global brands including Gap, Lush and O2 have each reaped the benefits.

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Rotageek: In-depth solutions outline

Learn more about today's retail challenges, trends and what we do to help businesses in their workforce management.


Optimise your workforce management, improve your customer experience

Find out how staff scheduling can help retailers improve relationships with their customers and provide great in-store customer experience.


Post COVID-19, Rostering In Care Homes Will Never Be The Same Again

Find out how staff scheduling has been impacted during the COVID-19 pandemic in the care homes and how you can schedule smarter in the 'next normal'.


The New Workforce Management: A fit for franchise retailers

Explore challenges today's franchise retailers are facing and things they should focus on to remain competitive.


Better staff scheduling can improve employee wellbeing, engagement, and retention

Find out what decision makers say impacts their team happiness and what can be done to increase engagement.


5 step guide to becoming a data-driven retailer

This simple five-step overview will guide you through the steps needed to data-drive your business.

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