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The Rotageek mobile app

Our mobile team has worked really hard to upgrade the functionality of our app and improve its stability, usability, and performance. 

Our mobile app is really important to us - thousands of employees rely on it every day. This upgraded app allows us to deliver a platform with the highest quality interface, and best-in-class usability. 

This new app will allow users to access their work schedule and make requests around their shift work on the go, directly from their mobile. The convenience of always having up-to-date access to their rota will give team members more visibility over their work schedule, ensuring they are always aware of when they are working and when they have a day off. 

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Rotageek on the go - anytime, anywhere

The core functionality of the new mobile app remains the same, but we've made a number of upgrades and changes. Read on to find out more:

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Improved Usability 

We've fundamentally changed how the app is structured and flows to make it more user friendly. We've also replaced the navigation menu with the familiar sidebar used on the web app.

Improved Stability 

The app has been built in a new modern framework that makes it more stable and easier for us to build upon to add more helpful functionality in the future, minimise crashes, and maximise effectiveness. 

Device Compatibility

The new app is reactive to all screen sizes to ensure it will work for a wider variety of devices, supporting smaller and larger device screens, as well as newer devices and down to iOS 10 and Android OS 5 versions. 

Improved Offline Functionality 

The updated version of the app has been built to still function and display all data, even when users are offline (note: users will not be able to update/refresh while offline due to the solution being cloud-based and requiring a connection to be able to retrieve updates). 

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We built this to allow users to quickly and conveniently see when they're next working, who they're working with and what their working week looks like. 


Availability allows users to enter and update availability via the mobile app to aid flexibility and accurate rota planning (this is permission dependent, so if it’s agreed for teams to be using this feature, they need to be given the availability permission, if not they will not have access to it).


New design to reflect our new branding and web design.