Planning rotas to deliver the Covid vaccine rollout.

A logistical planning challenge

As the U.K. begins an unprecedented immunisation programme that is targeting the delivery of  1 vaccine every 4 minutes, getting rosters in place that deliver the right person, at the right time, to the right location is obviously paramount.

Our rostering platform is set up to create Covid vaccine rotas, whereby all services (routine appointments, flu vaccine clinics and now Covid vaccine clinics) can be offered from one rota system.


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Ensure each service on offer is delivered only by the correctly skilled staff member.

Visibility across rosters and locations of the available staff taking into account availability, skills and leave or training committments.

Single source of truth that allows clear and concise communication of rosters, changes and allows correctly skilled swaps as necessary.

Allow bank staff to fill gaps in the roster automatically via our integration with the Locum's Nest platform.

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