What is Rotageek?

At Rotageek, we help businesses perfectly predict and meet demand by using data-driven tech to effectively and fairly schedule staff. We use personalized algorithms and machine learning to identify patterns that would otherwise go unnoticed -providing best-in-class business forecasting and workforce management.

Empower and
engage teams
Optimise staffing to meet demand
Maximise quality
of customer service
Improve operational
efficiency with data

Empower Everyone

From Head Office

Reduce schedule related admin time

Capture and generate business information

Increase effectiveness and accuracy of payroll

Automate staffing compliance

Minimise overtime and agency spend

Increase operational efficiency across the business

To shift-work staff

Increase flexibility for a better work-life balance

Facilitate better communication across teams

Avoid over and understaffing

Reduce staff churn

Easily swap and cover shifts

Improve schedule visibility

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With Rotageek, scheduling benefits:


Your Customers

  • Improved customer experience 
  • Timely and appropriate service 
  • Reduced queues 
  • Increased brand loyalty 
Rotageek_Homepage_Your Business

Your Business 

  • Increase operational efficiency 
  • Minimise overtime & agency spend 
  • Capture & generate insight 
  • Achieve accurate payroll spend 
  • Automate compliance 
Rotageek_Homepage_Your Employees

Your Employees

  • Improve employee engagement 
  • Empower your employees 
  • Enable better work-life balance 
  • Easier work-day visibility 
  • Reduce staff churn


Find out more about our features and capabilities - from simple swap management through to data-driven schedule automation.

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What our customers are saying

With such a quantum leap in tools from a traditional paper-based system into a fully online environment, adoption was always going to be a challenge. Rotageek’s simplicity has been a great help in bridging the gap to all our employees, even those who aren’t at home with apps. The team at Rotageek have also been a real asset to this adoption; their co-operative approach to problem solving, quick to help and to support with challenges and always keen to improve the system to meet our specific needs.


Joe Leith

Retail Productivity Manager at William Hill

Being able to easily view and manage my staff’s schedules across locations has given me great oversight of how my business is doing.


Asher Budwig

Managing Director at Lola's Cupcakes

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