How can Rotageek help?
HR shouldn't be about admin and processes. 
HR should be about people - and that's exactly what Rotageek empowers HR to focus on.
  • Reduce HR admin time
  • Engage and empower teams
  • Increase productivity
  • Spend time where it matters
  • Improve communication
  • Automate compliance
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Rotageek allows for:

Fully integrated HR tools:

Rotageek can connect with all major HR tools - from onboarding through to payroll. Our tools also help automate compliance, ensuring all legal requirements are adhered to in all aspects of scheduling. 

This means less admin time, more accuracy, improved efficiency and complete visibility. 

Streamlined, simple processes and better communication:

Our interactive platform - web and mobile - helps simplify schedule edits should staff need to swap or cancel shifts, or even pick up more hours. 

Data-driven staff scheduling takes care of what used to be a time-consuming admin task - turning it into a strategic operations tool. 

Empowerment and engagement of teams:

Our users - your employees - are incredibly important to us. That's why we invest in creating fair, sustainable, and employee-centric scheduling tech. 

Rotageek helps you provide your staff with a better work-life balance, through enabling flexibility and giving employees more ownership over their hours. 

Simple adoption and usability: 

As part of of our user-centric product development, we invest hugely into developing light and intuitive systems for everyone. 

This is why, although our software is B2B, we're committed to delivering B2C quality interfaces that are just as great as the apps your team members choose to use inter own day-to-day. 

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Find out more about our features and capabilities - from simple swap management through to data-driven schedule automation. 


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