How can Rotageek help?
We don't built out-of-the-box solutions. 
Every client is built on different tech foundations, and all our products are configurable to specific needs. 
  • Configurable tech
  • Extensive adoption support
  • Cloud-based solutions
  • Focused on integrations
  • Reliable tech and user support
  • Secure by design
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Rotageek allows for:

Support day-to-day:

One of the hardest things about implementing new tech is driving adoption. We work with your teams to help you ensure full uptake as quickly as possible, from Head Office through to scheduled staff. 

From there on, our team is always on hand for user and tech support. 


Tech is driving change across all businesses. For this to be done successfully, all tech needs to be integrated and data needs to flow seamlessly across the business. 

Integrations are key for better scheduling. 

Configurable tech:

No business is the same. That's why all our products are configurable, and we go through detailed discovery processes to figure out exactly how our products could fit around your business. 

Guaranteed compliance:

Our software helps you automate any compliance rules that your business must adhere to - for example the Working Time Directive or age-related regulations.

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Find out more about our features and capabilities - from simple swap management through to data-driven schedule automation. 


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