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RotaGeek allows you to schedule staff online and share rotas in one click.

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These are just some of the businesses enjoying our simpler, smarter schedule maker.

Lolas Cupcakes use our scheduler Windward use our online schedule maker O2 use our employee scheduling software NHS use our employee schedule maker

Spend less time on employee scheduling

Spend more time on your business

Simple Scheduling

Use the schedule maker to create a rota in minutes, save, share, modify & publish. All employees have access to their own schedules and, if you choose, the schedule for their site or location. No more outdated paper rotas. Keep everyone up to date online instantly.

simpletouse. An example of our online scheduling software

Powerful range of features.

Complete control of your staff scheduling with

  • Intelligent scheduler
  • Leave manager
  • Employee requested swaps
  • Track payroll costs and export payroll data.
  • Employee email and text alerts

powerfulfeatures. Picture of our powerful employee scheduling software

Powerful Scheduling Software

Providing a scheduler with the features like,

  • The automatic schedule builder
  • Analysis to ensure your employee rosters comply with EWTD
  • Drag and drop scheduler for quickly adding a shift to a rota
  • 24/7 Scheduler
  • Ability to export the schedule to PDF, Excel and CSV
  • Scheduling over several locations

simpletouse. Picture of our online scheduling software.

Time & Attendance and Payroll

Keep track of employee's schedule and the hours worked,

  • Employee check in and out of a shift
  • Automatically calculate worked hours
  • Automatically calculate hours in scheduler
  • Assign an employee an annual or hourly pay rate
  • Track payroll costs and export payroll data.

powerfulfeatures. Our powerful scheduler.

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Rocksolid support.

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Online schedule maker
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Annual & sick leave

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£ 3 employee/month
All Advanced features plus
Demand scheduling
Time & Attendance
Automatic scheduling

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Here's what some of our customers say about us:

Our store teams love how easy RotaGeek has made scheduling, and centrally we love the data it provides. Chris and the team have been fantastic to work with from day 1. They quickly understood our business and the challenges we face, and they responded rapidlywith additional functionality to make RotaGeek even better.
O2 testimonial on our employee schedule maker
Marks Sims
Head of Stores Improvement, O2

Having RotaGeek within a new business really helps to relieve the pressure and stresses of completing rotas, with shifts already set in place for each store, it's as easy as dragging and dropping.

As an admin user, RotaGeek is a great way of keeping track of all our stores on one simple and easy-to-use website.

Lola's testimonial2 on our employee schedule maker
Laura Kirk
Lola's Cupcakes

Our Customers

These are just some of the businesses enjoying our simpler smarter schedule maker.

Windward use our powerful employee scheduling software O2 use our schedule maker NHS use our employee scheduling software Lolas Cupcakes use our employee scheduling software.

Simple yet powerful employee scheduling software. Create a rota in 2 minutes.


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