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RotaGeek's Online Employee Scheduling Software

Drag and Drop Scheduling

Creating a work schedule with RotaGeek is as easy as dragging and dropping. The schedule maker helps you create a work schedule in minutes while also preventing shift clashes.

Clocking In and Out

Staff can clock in and out of shifts through our website or by using our mobile apps. The hours that each employee works are then tracked with the time and attendance feature, making payroll a much easier task.

Organise Shift Swaps

Employees can request shift swaps and annual leave from their RotaGeek account or mobile app. Process these request in seconds, alert staff instantly.


RotaGeek is dedicated to making employee scheduling smart and simple


Hourly paid employees or annual paid. Overtime rate and flat rate shifts. Managing staff payroll is simple. Coming soon... payroll integrations.

Automatic Scheduler

RotaGeek's automatic schedule maker can create a schedule in one click. The automatic scheduler will match employee's contracted hours with a store's required hours to create the optimal schedule. Make your schedule fast and data-driven.

EWTD Analysis

Ensure your staff schedule meets the European Working Time Directive in two clicks.

Better Connected.

Communicate Your Schedules Better.


Notify Employees

Employees recieve work schedules by text and email, via their RotaGeek account or the RotaGeke mobile app. Say no to spreadsheets. Schedule like it's 2015.


Retail scheduling software needs to be mobile. That's why the RotaGeek app allows you to view your schedule, request shift swaps, request leave and also clock in and out of shifts.

Schedule Anywhere

No installation required, RotaGeek is completely web based and runs in any modern browser. Use your time more effectively by using RotaGeek's staff scheduling software anytime, anywhere.

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The O2 Retail Stores

RotaGeek's retail scheduling software is used to schedule thousands of employees for O2.

Mark Sims

"Our store teams love how easy RotaGeek has made scheduling, and centrally we love the data it provides. Chris and the team have been fantastic to work with from day 1. They quickly understood our business and the challenges we face, and they responded rapidly with additional functionality to make RotaGeek even better."


Lola's Cupcakes

RotaGeek's retail scheduling software is used to schedule hundreds of employees for Lola's Cupcakes.

Laura Kirk

"Having RotaGeek within a new business really helps to relieve the pressure and stresses of completing rotas, with shifts already set in place for each store, it's as easy as dragging and dropping. As an admin user, RotaGeek is a great way of keeping track of all our stores on one simple and easy-to-use website."

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Available on the App Store

Retail scheduling software goes mobile. You can now view your schedule, request shift swaps, request leave and clock in and out of shifts all within the RotaGeek app. Available on the Google Play Store and the App Store.