At Rotageek, we come to work every day with our minds set on changing the way work works.

Our CEO, Chris, used to be a doctor in A&E. Rotas were handed around on pieces of paper, people couldn’t swap shifts easily or fit work around their own lives, and there was no science behind the amount of cover planned per day. Scheduling was guesswork, it was messy, and it was generally a time-consuming nuisance for everyone involved.

Then Chris, who has a tendency of obsessing over a problem until he cracks it, got an idea. He began working on a project called Rotageek with Nick (our CTO) and Roy (our Chairman). The aim was to fix A&E staffing in Chris’ department, and then maybe take the tech to other areas of the NHS. Back then our ambitions were humble (these days punching above our weight is basically our comfort zone).

Long story short, a few years later, with Rotageek being a nice little side project, a neighbour and startup mogul called Peter convinced the part-time team of three to pitch for a startup accelerator. Rotageek got accepted and Chris, who has a tendency of never half-baking things, quit his job in medicine after 16 years of training. Nick and Roy jumped on board head first too, and that was the birth of Rotageek as we know it today.

We’ve grown up a lot since then but the backdrop to our growth has always been a genuine determination to solve scheduling for shift workers across all industries, whilst improving operational efficiency. We’ve never wanted to make tech that traps employees in an impossible work-life pattern, and we never ever will. This is why our product isn’t one-size-fits-all. You can’t buy Rotageek without the team going through an in-depth study of how your business works. This is what helps us find the really precise point where employee wellbeing and business efficiency meet to maximise each other.

We’re insanely obsessive about making really, really good tech, and we’re investing hugely into machine learning and AI.

Our goal isn’t simply to use some software to digitise the same old annoying manual shift-planning processes. Our goal is to create a step change in scheduling capabilities using data-driven, highly intelligent technology that is agile and works with an organisation and its people.

Today, Rotageek lives in London and Melbourne. We’re growing really quickly but our approach and our ambitions remain personal, and they always will. Everyone at Rotageek is dedicated to the cause. Our tech is our trademark, but our team and conviction are the things that make us stand out.

Our team

At Rotageek, we know we’re only as good as our weakest link.
This is why we only hire exceptional people.

We’ve put a lot of energy into hiring the smartest people we can find, and we’ll bend over backwards to keep them. Our CEO is (really) devoted to making Rotageek the best place to work, and so while we work really, really hard, we definitely play hard, too. The result is a group of coworkers that can lean on each other, are proud of the next person, and are convinced that all good things are better shared.


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