Our Story



In its original form, Rotageek was the answer to a question about A&E scheduling. For years, Chris, Nick and Roy worked hard on an NHS-ready version that would help solve a problem in Chris’ A&E department.

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But the NHS was too cumbersome, too static, and too rigid. Other companies weren’t, and they had the same problems. They came knocking at Rotageek’s door looking for a solution, not another vendor.



Five years and a startup accelerator later, what was once a tool for a single A&E department became a solution to an age-old, world-wide, cross- industry issue. We realised that the problem of scheduling began not at the point of execution, but at the point of planning. It doesn’t start with arbitrarily set opening hours and arbitrarily set shift lengths. The problem starts with “arbitrarily”. We had to take a few steps back. We had to look at “why” before “how”.



Today, the scope of our technology goes far beyond simple shift assignment. There’s an ingrained curiosity in Rotageek’s people and product. That, combined with cleverness and a significant amount of perseverance is what drives our innovation. Our skill lies in asking the right questions and solving the right problems. Questioning the usual methods and rethinking them from scratch. Our tech doesn’t bow to the old ways. It’s not an evolution. It’s a reinvention.

Our Values

Our values drive our actions - in business, in culture, and in how we develop our tech.

Rotageek is

Curious   /   Caring / Intelligent   /   Friendly   /  Focused
Introspective   /   Proactive   /   Personal / Fair   /   Transparent   
Trustworthy / Approachable   /   Honest   /   Humble
Playful   /   Energetic   /   Exemplary   /   Bold


Our Promise


Our Tech

We don't apply old answers to long-standing problems.
We invent solutions.


Our Team 

We hire people who are, or will be, outstanding. 
We put team before ego, and success before win. 


Our Client-Relationships

Our clients are our partners. So are their employees.
We work hard to earn and keep their trust. 


Our Products

Our solutions impact people - not just business.
Our mission is to make our users' lives easier.