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From white papers to webinars


The State of Retail in a Covid-19 World

Find out how retailers can adapt to the ‘new normal’ with insights from our study of UK shoppers and retail employees, along with the latest figures on areas like profitability, productivity and employee wellbeing.


🎥 Webinar: Reinventing Workforce Rostering at NHS Trusts

Time for Change! Why did Ashford & St Peter’s Hospitals NHS FT feel their workforce rostering approach needed rethinking? How are they working to build a collaborative and flexible workforce through the use of new technology system


Delivering retail results: A labour optimisation case study in real life

This Proof of Concept, showcasing the results from a prominent UK retailer, proves how Rotageek’s Autoscheduler is 14% better at predicting these patterns, forecasting and creating the perfect labour match. Plus it shows how AI-driven scheduling increases everything from customer and employee satisfaction, to basket size, conversion and total revenue.


Supercharging workforce rostering interoperability in NHS Trusts

This year, Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (ASPH) discovered an opportunity to innovate their workforce management. They hypothesized that if they bucked the trend and enlisted the help of forward-looking best of breed technology, they would benefit from better interoperability and a tech-enabled agile workforce.


How technology can support the NHS People Plan

In this report, we look at how technology can support the delivery of the NHS People Plan and the digital solutions that could revolutionise how we care for our healthcare workers.


Rotageek: In-depth solutions outline

Learn more about today's retail challenges, trends and what we do to help businesses in their workforce management.


Optimise your workforce management, improve your customer experience

Find out how staff scheduling can help retailers improve relationships with their customers and provide great in-store customer experience.

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