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What makes Rotageek different?

We understand.
The industries that Rotageek schedules for are complex. Fluctuating demand, complex shift requirements, dependencies...the list goes on. But we understand this. And our solution isn't a generic scheduling solution. We've built it with a specific purpose to solve these complex challenges. This means it can be used out of the box and is quicker and easier to implement as it doesn’t need to be re-configured. 
No surprises.
With Rotageek there are no surprises. Upgrades in our solution are included as standard so you’ll always have the best experience of digital scheduling with us and be able to create optimised rotas to meet your patient needs.
Customer Led.
You’ve heard it before…but our customers really are at the heart of what we do. We’re constantly listening to their needs and wants, so that our solution solves their WFM challenges. Our Customer Success Managers hold quarterly meetings with key stakeholders and we have an instant feedback tool in our solution that all users can access. Not to mention our independently highly rated support and soaring 27.9 NPS score!
UK Headquartered
Our priority lies here in the UK, with our strong UK customer base, The way we develop the solution, is with UK retail in mind, all product decisions happen here in the UK, with our UK customers firmly in mind.
Smaller= More Agile
This isn’t our first rodeo! We will use our years of experience implementing rostering in the NHS to share best practice and do the heavy-lifting.  We’ve walked this path many times and have learned from mistakes others have made in the past.
Intuitive & Easy to Use
We respect the fact that 99% of our users are going to be doctors and NHS employees. Moving away from spreadsheets, manual processes or legacy systems is a significant change for you, so we appreciate adoption can be tough. Therefore, it makes it even more important that the system you choose is easy on the eye and easy to use.

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