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Our Partner Ecosystem is all about creating a like-minded network of forward looking organisations who are aligned and focused on succeeding together – ensuring our customers are able to perform better with happier teams for the long term.

We believe that integration and interoperability is the future for technology deployment, so we work with our partners to deliver WFM and HCM that work together to improve our customers processes. We believe our customers are our partners and so are their employees, so we work tirelessly to earn and keep their trust.

Boost your Rotageek deployment through the utilisation of our partner network who provide best-in-class solutions and services.

Our Partners

Appointedd is a versatile online booking and scheduling platform designed to streamline appointment management for businesses. It offers customisable solutions for various industries, enabling clients to effortlessly book appointments, manage staff schedules, and provide a seamless booking experience for customers. Appointedd simplifies the scheduling process, enhancing operational efficiency.
Axsium is a leading workforce management consultancy specialising in optimising labor operations for businesses. With a wealth of expertise, they offer tailored solutions in workforce planning, scheduling, and time and attendance. Axsium helps organisations improve efficiency, reduce labor costs, and enhance employee engagement through innovative workforce management strategies and technologies.
Grosvenor Technology is a renowned provider of advanced access control and workforce management solutions. Their cutting-edge technology offers secure and efficient access solutions for a wide range of industries, from corporate environments to critical infrastructure. Grosvenor's commitment to innovation ensures top-tier security and streamlined workforce management for organisations worldwide.
Hastee is a pioneering financial well-being platform that empowers employees to access a portion of their earned wages before the traditional payday. With a user-friendly app, it provides on-demand pay, promoting financial flexibility and reducing the reliance on high-cost loans. Hastee benefits both employees and employers by improving financial stability and workplace satisfaction.
IRIS HR and Payroll is a comprehensive software solution designed to streamline and simplify human resources and payroll management. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, IRIS empowers businesses to efficiently handle HR tasks, from recruitment to payroll processing, ensuring compliance and accuracy while saving time and resources.
L2P Healthcare is a leading healthcare technology company focused on providing innovative solutions to enhance patient care and optimise healthcare operations. Their cutting-edge technology and expertise help healthcare organisations streamline processes, improve patient outcomes, and deliver more efficient and patient-centric services. L2P Healthcare is at the forefront of healthcare innovation.
Level On-Demand Pay is a cutting-edge financial wellness solution that transforms the traditional pay cycle. It allows employees to access their earned wages in real-time, providing financial flexibility and reducing the need for payday loans. Level helps employers attract and retain talent while enhancing employees' financial security.
Locums Nest is a dynamic healthcare staffing platform that simplifies the process of booking and managing locum medical professionals. Designed for hospitals and clinics, it enhances efficiency by connecting healthcare providers with available shifts and streamlining compliance and payroll procedures. Locums Nest ensures seamless staffing and optimal patient care.
OB&Co Retail Transformation is a dynamic consulting firm specialising in revolutionising the retail industry. They offer innovative solutions to improve customer experiences, optimise operations, and drive growth. With a strong focus on leveraging technology and data, OB&Co empowers retailers to adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving marketplace.
Predyktable is a forward-thinking software solution. It combines data analytics and predictive insights to empower businesses with proactive decision-making capabilities. By anticipating trends and risks, it helps organisations make informed choices, optimise resources, and stay ahead in a rapidly changing business landscape.
Rethink Productivity is a prominent Business Improvement Consultancy dedicated to enhancing operational efficiency and performance for organisations. With a deep expertise in process optimisation, they provide tailored strategies and solutions to boost productivity, streamline workflows, and drive sustainable growth. Rethink Productivity is a trusted partner for businesses seeking transformative change.
Retinue Solutions is a prominent workforce management and talent acquisition provider. Specialising in contingent workforce solutions, Retinue offers innovative strategies to optimise talent acquisition, compliance, and supplier management. With a client-centric approach, they empower organisations to build agile and efficient workforce solutions tailored to their specific needs.
Ryalto Healthcare is a pioneering healthcare technology platform designed to enhance the patient experience. With innovative solutions, it streamlines patient interactions and improves access to healthcare services. Ryalto empowers healthcare providers to deliver patient-centered care more effectively, optimising the entire healthcare journey for both patients and providers.
Sign In Solutions is a versatile and efficient software suite designed to manage visitor and employee sign-ins. With a range of customisable features, it enhances security and streamlines entry procedures in various environments, including corporate offices, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities. It ensures seamless access control while promoting safety and compliance.
Staffbase is a leading internal communications platform designed to connect and engage employees in today's digital workplace. With a user-friendly app, it provides companies with tools to create, publish, and share content, fostering a sense of community and alignment among employees. Staffbase enhances internal communication and employee collaboration.
TimeMoto is an advanced time and attendance solution that simplifies workforce management. Offering a range of biometric and RFID-based time clock systems, TimeMoto helps businesses accurately track employee working hours, monitor attendance, and streamline payroll processing. It's a reliable tool for enhancing efficiency and compliance in HR and payroll operations.
Wagestream is a groundbreaking financial wellness platform that revolutionises the way employees access their earned wages. It enables workers to access a portion of their salary in real-time, reducing financial stress and the need for costly loans. Wagestream promotes financial well-being and empowers both employers and employees with greater financial flexibility.
Yoobic is a powerful retail execution and workforce management platform designed to enhance in-store operations. It empowers retailers with real-time visibility, task management, and communication tools, improving efficiency and compliance across store networks. Yoobic's intuitive app streamlines retail tasks, enabling better execution and delivering a superior customer experience.
Youda Employee Experience is a holistic approach to enhancing workplace satisfaction and productivity. By focusing on employees' journey within an organisation, it aims to create a positive and engaging work environment. Youda offers tools and strategies to improve communication, professional development, and overall well-being, fostering a more fulfilled and motivated workforce.
Zellis HR and Payroll is a leading software platform that revolutionises HR and payroll management. With its innovative technology and user-centric design, Zellis empowers organisations to streamline HR processes, payroll administration, and compliance tasks. It offers a seamless, end-to-end solution for efficient workforce management and enhanced employee experiences.

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