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Less expense and more time for more sales sounds idyllic, right? Especially amidst unyielding inflation, where costs are climbing new heights, both for businesses and consumers. Now is the time to get strategic and weaponise your workforce planning to combat inflation!


A digital system naturally takes the heavy lifting and human error out of workforce scheduling. It does so while optimising rotas to perfectly match fluctuating customer demand, helping you to save labour costs, reduce admin time, and improve staff engagement with a flexible and future-proof solution.

And whilst workforce planning may be seen as another investment when we're in a climate of making savings, changes to these processes will not only future proof your business, but also give you some immediate cost savings and proven ROI.   

Want to know the typical savings your business could see when moving to digital workforce planning...? Use ballpark figures for speed, or your latest data for maximum accuracy, and answer 6 simple questions...

lush transparentsaved 8% on staff costs


o2 transparentreallocated 6,300 hours per week without increasing headcount

william hill transparenttrebled their success rate in planning their labour

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