Leave & Absence Management Software

Request, approve and track leave and absence for your workforce from one solution, using our leave management system

Digitising your leave and absence management not only boosts your employee experience, but it saves your managers precious scheduling and rostering time. For your workforce, having digital tools to request leave on the go, whenever suits them, will result in staff who are engaged in their working lives. And for managers, they’ll never have to worry about scheduling staff who aren’t available, as approved leave requests or absences are automatically added as constraints into our digital scheduling and autoscheduling solutions.

With our intuitive absence management interface, all types of leave can be set, requested and approved, including custom configured allowances that are unique to your organisation. Enhanced maternity or paternity leave, birthdays off or new pet leave, anyone?

And with real-time status of approvals, rejections or notes, you’ll have a clear audit trail that keeps everyone in the loop, even with the most complex or sensitive leave and absence requests.

Included with
Leave and Absence

Smart leave. and absence.

All types of leave are configurable to your organisation's needs, as well as ensuring you remain compliant with statutory requirements. Configure rules like percentages of certain skilled staff can’t be on leave at any given time, or key dates when employees can't take a holiday. Leave can only be authorised if there is sufficient balance so no need to do manual checks on allowances or additional calculations. And when used with Autoscheduler, optimised schedules are produced with the right skilled staff, reflecting approved requests and return to work dates.

Leave and absence management

Benefits of an absence management system

If a member of staff is sick or doesn't show up for work, find someone to cover their shift with one click using our leave management software. With real time attendance views, managers can make sure their scheduled staff have clocked in for work or recorded an absence, and find replacements without the need for last minute frantic calls, texts and emails.

leave absence process

Efficient leave and absence processes.

Staff can easily see their holiday allowance and request leave through the app. With options to attach documents, add detailed notes and communicate with managers, your workforce will always have the latest information. Managers can easily see all leave requests outstanding through the absence management dashboard, with additional views on who else has approved leave at the same time.

absence and leave reporting

Absence insights.

With a central view on leave and absence status for all workers, managers can easily make interventions as needed. Reporting functionality means that managers can better analyse absences by job function or location, and plan for the future. KPIs such as sick pay, absenteeism, and unauthorised absences are easily identifiable for reporting upwards.

Simplified Leave & Absence

Request leave
Request leave
The power to request leave is in the palms of your employees. They’ll own their working schedule with their remaining or approved leave balance shown in the app, giving them the control to plan there leave as needed.
Scheduling Syncs
Scheduling Syncs
Approved leave is automatically reflected in the schedules or rotas you create. Used with digital scheduling, you won’t be able to add an employee into the schedule if they have approved leave of sickness on any given day, and Autoscheduler optimises your rotas with these constraints in mind.
Easily view all your employee leave requests yet to be processed from the dashboard. Launch a dialogue box to view details of the request, edit as necessary, communicate with the employees or approve/reject it.
Leave Warnings
Leave Warnings
If an employee's leave request overlaps with another team member's approved holiday or breaches company policy, a warning or error will be shown to help the manager decide whether to approve or reject the request. 
Track absenteeism, leave taken, spot patterns or trends and cross compare locations for continual scheduling improvements with powerful leave and absence reporting. Our reports makes it simple and quick to view the stats you need.
Be assured that our enterprise-grade ISO-certified security and systems that are GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified, will keep you and employees safe. Our platform is resilient as it is efficient, including single sign-on capability and award-winning support.

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