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Create transparency with a smartphone app for employees to manage their schedules and clock in and out of shifts.

A time clock app is an essential tool for businesses of all sizes and in all industries. A clocking in app can help you keep track of employee hours and manage your payroll more efficiently. Managers also maintain a real-time view of who’s on shift at any location, and approving timesheets in accordance with schedules is secure and quick, promoting timely and accurate payroll.

Our mobile app helps employees stay connected with powerful self-service features. Staff can view rotas, holiday balances, request leave, and update availability and preferences. Push notifications keep employees in-the-know as schedules are approved, shifts become available and leave request’s statuses change.

And with access from any device at any time, employees can keep on top of their working schedule on the go.

Included with...

Clock In and Out Effortlessly.

Employees can clock in and out of their shifts quickly and easily via the Rotageek app. With options for features such as photo capture and geo-location, verification as to who’s clocked in where and when is streamlined. And handy push notifications remind staff of their impending shifts and prompt users to clock in/out for missed shifts or breaks. 




Accurate Time Tracking.

Eliminate the need for timecards and tracking employees’ hours manually with the Rotageek app - timesheets are collected automatically using the employee hours logged in the app. Managers can keep top of the hours their employees work and reduce time theft. Timesheets are then accurately created for mangers to approve in bulk and send onto payroll. 


Engage Employees.

Give your employees the flexibility they want with a self serve mobile app. From submitting availability and leave requests, and shift swaps on-the-go, to receiving push notifications for holiday approvals, employees are engaged, happier and productive. There’s no need to physically travel to an office or desk to edit and share schedules either, meaning that swaps, drops and work-critical messages get seen and actioned quickly, saving everyone time and stress.


Secure Rotas.

Accessing the mobile app is simple and safe, offering single sign-on for convenience and best-in-class security frameworks. By moving internal communications away from public platforms to top-down messaging through the app, integrity and confidentiality are also assured. Our enterprise-grade security, reassures employees that their sensitive personal data is safe, always. Our robust integrations with HR and payroll platforms only enhance the employee experience, ensuring that accurate, relevant data is processed for timely pay.


“[Rotageek is] a solution that helps us plan thousands of colleagues working in hundreds of locations, give our colleagues visibility and agency to plan their lives and drives our goals in a fast-moving retail environment.”

Joe Leith - Productivity Manager, William Hill

Streamlined Mobile Scheduling

Shift swaps & drops
Shift swaps & drops
Employees can view future (and previous) shifts within the app, and easily swap and drop shifts for others to pick up. Only authorised shifts are presented to individuals for potential swaps, based on skills, availability and location. When picking up an available shift, there is also the option to fill a portion, optimising flexibility and work/life balance.
Mobile Time & Attendance
Mobile Time & Attendance
Enable employees to clock in and out for shifts and breaks in one click, from their own phone. For validation purposes, photo capture (showing uniform, for example) and geolocation can be activated to allow clocking in/out from a defined radius. Secure and transparent, this feature also eradicates ‘buddy punching’, maintaining fairness and eliminating time theft.
Leave Management
Leave Management
Employees can view their leave allowance, balance, request leave and see the status of outstanding requests from the app. Push notifications and explanatory notes options ensure the process is efficient and empathetic. The leave function is tailored to your organisation, including statutory leave and special events such as birthdays. Even if leave is managed by your HR platform, our API ensures the schedule is automatically updated when changes are made.
Up to date information
Up to date information
Employees are able to update their personal details directly from the Rotageek app. So when life changes, employees can update you at any time. With the added option to add working preferences and availability, employers can make sure they're creating employee centric schedules.
Keep workforce management communications professional, GDPR compliant and organised using the Messages feature to contact an individual, store or location. Secure, confidential and available 24/7, you can send out communications about shifts and schedules, avoiding the sticky notes, texts and voicemails.
The mobile app is super intuitive, even for technophobes, and is backed up by our award-winning online support for all users. Find answers to your queries via live chat with our customer services team or the large library of help articles. We don’t use bots – we prefer people…and our average response time is under 39 seconds!
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