Insights & Reporting.

Glean rich insight from your people data to track the metrics that matter.

Rotageek’s powerful reporting capability is customisable in real-time, providing a deep understanding of your workforce. Analyse your people data your way, to measure the metrics that matter to your business. Run reports quickly and accurately, negating hours of prep, number crunching or uncertainty.

Robust reporting helps you engage stakeholders, regulatory bodies and employees with a single source of truth on multiple factors, including time & attendance, forecasting, talent gaps and labour spend. Share visibility of the workforce and workplace and make business-wide decisions with confidence.

To continually drive performance, compliance and ROI, switch to Rotageek for smart scheduling and valuable workforce insight at your fingertips.

Included with...

Simple and quick reporting.

Last-minute data request? No problem. Regular HR metrics? Job done. Rotageek’s reporting functionality is intuitive and user-friendly, with no need for training. Achieve more in less time, compared to traditional reporting methods, whether you need ad-hoc or frequent insight. You can always be confident data is current and accurate, thanks to real-time capability. Share, export or print in a few clicks.


Evidence based.

Business cases, reports or decisions backed up with stats are far more credible than those based on guesswork. Whether you are engaging with stakeholders, workers or team leaders, Rotageek can provide the people data you need to get results and kudos. This includes data for appraisals, rewards, performance, or for analysing labour costs and time and attendance. Best of all, it saves you hours of admin and spreadsheet stress.


Visibility for the business.

Labour spend is often one of the biggest bills for an organisation. Reporting enables you to track and monitor metrics to see where you can optimise budgets and staffing levels, by drilling down into data per individual, team or location. This workforce analysis provides visibility and helps drive decisions-making across the business, including board level. Ultimately, visibility can improve the employee experience, customer experience and meet business objectives.

Invaluable insights.

Shift patterns
Shift patterns
Drilling down into data on shifts enables you to ascertain shifts that are regularly dropped, swapped or claimed. This insight can feed into decisions on setting shift patterns to improve morale and engagement for workers and attract and retain talent for the business. 
Labour spend
Labour spend
Analysing labour spend in real-time enables you to make timely interventions to balance budgets with productivity. It also drives accurate forecasting and continual staffing improvements. Rotageek enables you to cross-analyse labour spend against multiple parameters, including roles, locations or shifts, to inform decision-making.
Workers can run their own reports, checking personal balances (holiday and leave, for example) via the Rotageek app. This self-serve approach frees up HR or managers, minimises paperwork and ensures transparency.
Rate of absence
Rate of absence
Analyse absenteeism for individuals, teams, locations or the entire business to set tolerances and pinpoint where improvements must be made. Rotageek’s robust clocking in/out and timesheet functionality make absenteeism very simple to report on, negating disputes and errors.
Time & attendance
Time & attendance
Report on time and attendance to spot team strengths and weaknesses, time theft and gauge individual performance. This analysis facilitates metrics such as scheduled v. actual hours worked, productivity, lateness, unauthorised absence and overtime levels.

“[Rotageek is] a solution that helps us plan thousands of colleagues working in hundreds of locations, give our colleagues visibility and agency to plan their lives and drives our goals in a fast-moving retail environment.”

Joe Leith - Productivity Manager, William Hill
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