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Industry insights covering workforce management, productivity and employee engagement.

What to expect when you implement a new scheduling solution

When it comes to implementing new digital solutions in a business, there’s always going to be some hesitancy. Particularly when it’s a solution that will affect the entire workforce. However, moving to a digital solution or switching your supplier, isn’t as daunting as you might think (if you choose the right one!).

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5 errors you're making if you're scheduling on spreadsheets

For decades, retailers have been manually inputting their workers’ shifts into a spreadsheet and sticking a ...

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Should you ditch your budget burning legacy NHS rostering system?

The NHS has continually re-enforced the benefits of digital scheduling, with a commitment to supporting all ...

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4 ways to meet the NHSX ‘What Good Looks Like’ framework through digital rostering

Earlier this year, the NHSX published ‘What Good Looks Like’; new guidance that outlines how healthcare ...

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How to control your retail labour cost AND benefit your employees

Average labour costs typically experience year on year growth in most industries. This is due to a number of ...

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5 ways to improve in-store retail productivity within your workforce

Employee productivity is a must-measure key performance indicator (KPI) within any business. The more ...

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Talking Workforce Management In A Post-Covid World

Should retailers be automating employee scheduling? What are the benefits? And how does this change in a ...

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How Retailers Can Grow In-Store Sales in 2021 | Rotageek

Online booking system Appointedd’s poll indicated that 46.7% of consumers don’t think they will return to ...

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Rotas, productivity and leadership with Jennifer Handley at LUSH Handmade Cosmetics

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