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Industry insights covering workforce management, productivity and employee engagement.

5 Common Misconceptions of Online Scheduling Software

Employee scheduling software is proven to save companies ample time, costs and increase employee productivity. Yet despite a clear return on investment, many businesses are still hesitant. If you’re struggling to separate the fear of risks from the benefits of employee scheduling, read on to discover the truth behind the most common misconceptions.

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10 things to consider when buying employee scheduling software

Workforce management software is an excellent solution to optimising your employee scheduling. However with ...

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Solve these 5 retail operations challenges with a modern employee scheduling solution

Employee scheduling is a complex, time consuming task. An optimised rota must accommodate for predicted ...

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What is employee scheduling software?

In 2021, creating an employee rota no longer needs to be a manual task. Thanks to data-driven technology and ...

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How to better support shift workers as retail, leisure and hospitality businesses reopen

After a traumatising year of ongoing uncertainty, the retail, leisure and hospitality industry will soon once ...

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5 Covid-19 grocery retail trends that will stick post-pandemic

Imogen Wethered is the CEO and Co-founder of Qudini, which provides Retail Choreography solutions including ...

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Customer Experience in Retail | Trends to improve CX in 2021

There’s no doubt that the retail industry has been hit hard by the pandemic. With reduced footfall and ...

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The UK’s most innovative retailers in 2021

In an industry that is continually being tested and challenged, retailers are constantly needing to up their ...

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A practical guide to preventing workplace fatigue through better rotas

Workplace fatigue has been proven to have devastating effects. One only has to watch the Chernobyl television ...

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