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We're disrupting traditional employee scheduling to optimise the experience for retailers, staff and customers. By digitising key tasks such as rota creation, time and attendance, shift swaps and employee communications , you can look forward to error-free workforce management and smarter labour alignment for better service, sales and NPS. 

Seamlessly integrating with HCM, Payroll and ERP solutions, our intuitive solution makes scheduling a breeze, even for technophobes. Advanced autoscheduling and forecasting options use the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to create truly optimised staff schedules that meet your fluctuating customer demand. 


Empower your teams with smart scheduling tools and reduce schedule-related admin by up to 80% to give retail managers and customer-facing staff more time for strategic tasks, job satisfaction and getting stuff done.

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“Rotageek helped us fulfil our company’s vision – one system that makes scheduling simple for everyone, supporting us to improve every day.”
Hardik Dave - Lead Project Manager, The Perfume Shop
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From supermarkets to car show rooms, Rotageek is your perfect retail scheduling partner.

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