Shift Planning Software

Plan shifts simply using our intuitive and AI driven shift planning solution.

With speed and efficiency at its core, our shift planning functionality does all the hard work when it comes to building the perfect schedule. The shift planner app uses your employee information and plans shifts around sickness, holidays and availability, leaving you with a shift plan you can trust and rely on.

And together with Autosheduler, we'll create optimised rotas and schedule shifts matched to your customer demand, at the click of a button. 

With the ability to easily create, amend and duplicate shifts, our solution gives you all the flexibility you need to build the perfect schedule in a matter of clicks.

Included with...

Innovative shiftplanning & scheduling.

With intuitive drag, drop, duplicate and delete functionality, shift planning couldn't be easier with Rotageek. Managers can build schedules from scratch, or apply pre defined shift patterns to create perfect schedules.

Contracted hours, leave and skills are all taken into account when building shifts, so you don't need to double check HR systems. And when used with Rotageek's Autoscheduler, you can build the most optimised schedule based on customer demand and available staff.

Shift planning

Shift planning wins for managers

Shift planning using Rotageek's innovative technology allows managers and supervisors to spend less time in spreadsheets and more time doing what they do best.

Save time planning schedules, ensure compliance with labour law, faciliate better communication and ultimately drive greater productivity and output with our shift planning app.

Shift planning app

Shift planning wins for employees

It's not all about management either. Improve employee morale with Rotageek by giving them a the tools to control the shifts you plan for them.

Easy and reliable shift swapping requests, leave requests and availability preferences through the app, means a happy workforce who have the flexibility they desire.

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