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by Rotageek on 20 June 2022

Simplicity and savings. Savings and simplicity. They might be the two most important things our customers want from Rotageek.

Now, we’re giving you both in one place with Rotageek’s ROI calculator.

You want scheduling savings? Our ROI calculator will show you exactly how much you can save with Rotageek.

You want simplicity? You only need to answer 6 very simple questions to get your results.

The fastest way to see how it works is to try it.

The more cautious way to see how it works is to read this post. You’ll learn about the information our ROI calc asks for, and which calculations it can show you. If you want to know all about this handy tool, read on.

Zero to View Results in about 10 seconds

We estimate that, if you know your business financials and scheduling process, it will only take a few seconds to run our ROI calculator.

The calculator will ask you for six simple facts about your business:

  1. How many stores or branches do you have?
  2. How many employees do you have?
  3. What’s the average annual sales volume of your stores or branches?
  4. What’s the average hourly rate you pay your employees?
  5. How many hours do you spend on scheduling per store or branch?
  6. What’s your average weekly labour spend, per store or branch?

You can ballpark these figures for speed. Or you can check your latest data for maximum accuracy. Either way, we hope you’ll find using the calculator nice and easy.

Getting your ROI results

When you click that submit button, you’ll get an instant ROI calculation. You’ll see an estimate of your “increased yearly revenue across stores misaligning labour” right away.

We’ll also email you five more ROI calculations:

  • The number of hours you’ll save on scheduling per year
  • Hours realigned across your stores or branches per year
  • Annual savings through time-theft reduction
  • The amount of paper you’ll save per year by going digital
  • How many trees you’ll save per year by going digital

How much will these savings add up to for your business? There’s one really quick way to find out, and that’s to give the ROI calculator a whirl.

A quick trial run

Not ready to put your numbers in just yet? No problem. How about a trial run first?

Let's imagine we’re running a small chain of car accessory shops, Motorgeek.

Motorgeek has ten shops and 500 employees. Our shops take in £4,000,000 per year on average, and employees receive an average rate of £10.40. Managers are spending 7 hours per week on scheduling per shop, and the average labour budget per week is £2000.

We’ve got all the info we need. How is our bottom line going to change?

Well, there’s good news:

  • When Motorgeek meets Rotageek, we’re likely to annual increase revenue by £60,000 by fixing labour misalignment.
  • We’ll save another £8,112 per year by improving absence management.
  • Our staff will also save 2,912 hours that they used to spend creating schedules. Now they can spend those hours on other parts of the business.

Of course, your real business is likely to have a completely different set of parameters – and a different set of results. Are you curious to see how much you could save?

Your ROI calculation is waiting

At the top of this article, we promised you savings and simplicity.

Now you know all about how our calculator works, and the kind of ROI it can estimate, we hope you’ll agree it delivers both.

But the best way to see how it works is still to try it – so when you’re ready, click below!

Try Rotageek's ROI Calculator.

Alternatively, speak to a geek - we'd love to discuss what smart scheduling can do for your people, your customers, and your bottom line.

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