New Feature Release: The Rotageek Leave Calendar

by Rotageek on 3 July 2023


At Rotageek, we’re always speaking to our customers to understand how we can improve our solution to make it even better for their daily scheduling needs. And after much consultation, we’re excited to introduce the Leave Calendar as a powerful tool for more efficient leave management.


Why have we developed this? 

Managing leave in retail, hospitality, entertainment and healthcare organisations poses several challenges due to the unique characteristics of these industries:

        1. The fluctuating nature of customer demand creates challenges around maintaining staffing levels during peak periods. Managers need to ensure sufficient staffing to maintain high-quality customer service, so balancing leave requests during these busy periods can be tricky. Previously approved leave can also limit the pool of available staff, which can strain resources and hinder productivity, resulting in a negative impact on customer satisfaction.
        2. Another challenge involves shift scheduling - usually shifts in these industries span early mornings, late evenings, weekends, and holidays. Coordinating leave requests while ensuring adequate shift coverage is a complex task. Unplanned absences due to leave requests can disrupt carefully crafted schedules, resulting in gaps in staffing. These gaps can burden the remaining employees, leading to increased workloads, decreased morale, and potential customer service issues.
        3. These businesses are more so than ever before operating with a lean workforce to control costs. This lean approach to staffing can present challenges in managing multiple leave requests simultaneously. Managers may need to make difficult decisions when approving leave requests, considering the availability of backup staff and the potential impact on daily operations. The delicate balance between granting employee leave and ensuring smooth operations can be a constant juggling act.


The Rotageek solution

To help businesses in these leave challenges, we have developed the Leave Calendar as part of the Rotageek solution. The Leave Calendar allows managers to see an overall picture of who is on leave within the entire business. This can be drilled down to see who is due to be absent in a certain location or within a specific date range, in real-time. This will also give you a view of all of the staff who are on leave at the same time, and for how long, as well as a view of the overlap in outstanding leave requests so you can make a fair and informed decision on if they can be approved. 

We’re excited to be rolling this out to our current customers and hearing the feedback on how it’s helping them to schedule more effectively!

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