Implementing top-drawer digital scheduling.

The Requirements.
  • A supplier who would “work as a close partner throughout the setup and beyond, as opposed to a more corporate client-vendor relationship”.
  • A solution that is “intuitive and user-friendly for teams to buy in to”.
  • A “reliable support function in order to drive adoption and compliance”.
The Implementation.
  • First Lakeland stores up and running using Rotageek in just 1 month (a process that normally takes 2-3 months).
  • 100% adoption from the store leaders and teams using Rotageek to book leave and create schedules.
  • Over 100 queries answered via email, phone and in our app chat, to support Lakeland in getting the solution rolled out - and 86% of the Lakeland team have rated us ‘Amazing’ or ‘Great’.

Stirring up manual processes.

In June 2022 household name and bakeware brand, Lakeland, selected Rotageek as their new staff scheduling partner for their 800 employees across 65 stores.

When asked why they chose us to stir up their retail rotas, Retail Field Operations Manager, Steven Greaves, explained there were three key objectives in choosing their scheduling partner, all of which contingent upon a quick one month implementation timeline.

Having left several other product demos with concerns, Lakeland was bowled over by the ease-of-use and top-drawer functionality of Rotageek’s digital scheduling solution. And our commitment to a fast 1 month implementation, meant the Rotageek solution was chosen to be deployed. 

Within one month of the project kickoff, the first stores were fully up and running and using Rotageek to create their optimised staff schedules, a process which normally takes 2 to 3 months. And just three months on, having conducted dedicated onsite training with internal sponsors, Rotageek was fully deployed across Lakeland’s store universe.


It's how we roll-out.

When Lakeland asked us what sets Rotageek apart, we explained “it’s a rota… and a geek thing”. And we’re pleased to dedicate the secret to the success of this onboarding project to exactly that… the winning combination that is our passion for what we do, along with the people that do it.

And the story continues, since implementation Lakeland employees have successfully clocked into 12,856 shifts, and 129 leave requests have been approved by managers. Furthermore, due to the resounding success of the project, Lakeland has already committed to rolling out the next phase of the Rotageek solution, Autoscheduling, in 2023. We’re looking forward to the continued success of our new partnership, and can’t wait to cook up more scheduling storms with them next year.

"We’re impressed how quick and smooth it was to implement a new Workforce Management and Time and Attendance systems for over 800 employees across 65 locations."


Steven Greaves
Retail Field Operations Manager

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