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The Challenge.
  • A complex workforce rota, with lots of skill sets, departments and contractual obligations to adhere to.
  • In need of a solution that could help them be responsive to last minute rota changes - something their paper-based rota couldn’t do.
  • Mostly a casual and seasonal workforce, so they needed a better way to manage their rotas and broadcast available shifts.
The Results.
  • A single, consolidated view of the rotas across their 15 locations and 550 staff, which is integral to the services they deliver as a business.
  • Ability to plan their rotas well in advance, meaning they avoid last minute vacant shifts.
  • Easily able to manage their casual and seasonal workers and broadcast vacant shifts from one platform.

Life Leisure, a chain of gyms in the North of England, came to Rotageek in May 2021 in need of some help with their staff scheduling. With their locations varying from small community recreations, to large multi use state of the art sport and leisure facilities, they needed help scheduling their workforce across their 15 sites, to ensure they delivered a great experience for their regular members. 

In need of a glow-up .

Life Leisure were in need of a new solution when it came to scheduling their complicated gym workforce. With 4 departments and lots of different skill sets across their sites, the paper based rota system they were using had outgrown the needs of the business. And the pandemic of 2020, had only highlighted just how agile and responsive they needed to be with their rotas to account for last minute changes - something they couldn't achieve manually.

Understanding that their workforce schedules are central to their business operations and being able to deliver certain services to their customers, they came to us looking for a digital scheduling solution that would help them to streamline their processes.

As their workforce operate in shifts, it was also important that they had a real-time, master overview of schedules across their locations. This would allow their managers to spend less time chasing manually for cover and allow them to forward plan their rotas more effectively. With over 200 casual and seasonal staff making up their workforce, it was also important to have this view so they could communicate gap shifts well in advance and in a streamlined way.

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“Life at Life Leisure is much simpler now we’re using Rotageek! We’re able to effectively plan our rotas in advance and be reactive when we need to be, to ensure we have the right coverage in our gyms. It’s taken hours back from our rota managers and our employees find it so simple to use”


Alastair Rainsbury | Life Leisure

Making the heavy lifting, lighter.

In June 2021, Rotageek digital scheduling was deployed at pace across the Life Leisure business. And since then, the rota managers have been seeing amazing results. 

All four departments across the sites, with their different skill sets (and their different shift patterns!) are all now managed in Rotageek, meaning the leadership team have a real time and single consolidated view of the rotas. 

This has also meant they are able to identify vacant shifts well in advance and use Rotageek to broadcast their gap shifts to their workforce. With the help of the digital planning tools, they are able to create their rotas well in advance and identify any potential staffing issues ahead of time. 

This has also resulted in their workforce having a much better employee experience. Life Leisure's full time staff can see their rota weeks in advance on their phones via the Rotageek app. They also have an easier way to communicate any leave requests and report sickness to their managers. And as for their casual workers, they are now able to easily pick up as many or as little shifts as they want or need, using the Rotageek app. 

As their HR and payroll management is currently a manual process, they are also using Rotageek to support them in this area. By using our leave and sickness functionality in the app, they are able to streamline these HR processes, without the need for additional software. Timesheets are now automatically created directly from Rotageek based on the schedules they have built - and these get sent directly to payroll, meaning no more cross checking clocked in hours.  

Since their deployment, to date (Oct 23) Life Leisure have…

  • Created 154,943 shifts
  • Approved 155,436 timesheets
  • Approved 758,567 hours that have been sent to payroll 
  • Filled 4,607 gap shifts

…with the help of Rotageek! We’re excited to continue our partnership and see these numbers grow.

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