Lola's Cupcakes

Sweet scheduling success.

The challenge.
  • Lack of business oversight across locations
  • Poor visibility of staffing to plan coverage and meet burgeoning customer demand
  • Manual, time-consuming processes incapable of meeting the complex needs of a growing business
  • User-unfriendly processes for employees offering little flexibility
The results.
  • Countless hours of admin time saved
  • staff have visibilty of schedules in just a few clicks
  • Greater visibility and transparency across the business

Started the old-fashioned way with two friends, Victoria and Romy, turning their love of baking into a business, Lola’s Cupcakes is a pastel-tinted fixture of British high streets, shopping centres and underground stations. Turning out freshly crafted cupcakes, Lola’s grew from a few concession stands in Selfridges and Topshop

to become a premier purveyor of cake and baked concoctions, growing to 330 staff sprinkled across the nation.

A simple solution.

With stores and stands now positioned everywhere from Birmingham to Bromley, the growth of the business meant that the confectionary company needed a simple solution to keep track of their people and ensure adequate coverage to meet burgeoning customer demand. It was this simplicity that drew Lola’s to Rotageek, in their search to modernise their scheduling, but also to improve their business oversight. “We needed to not only create and manage everyone’s schedules across all our locations,” says Asher Budwig, Managing Director, “but we wanted to know – at any given time – how the business was doing.”

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Excel Excellent exposure.

The solution prior to Rotageek? Good ‘ol Microsoft Excel. Like most brands going through a major growth spurt, Lola’s Cupcakes was using spreadsheets to create store and bakery schedules. But, with orders flying in and the company rapidly expanding, using Excel just couldn’t meet the complex needs of the business, a scheduling headache not just for the head office but also for employees scattered across Lola’s locations.

"Being able to easily view and manage my staff’s schedules across locations has given me great oversight of not only where they’re stationed, but how much we’re spending on labour."
Asher Budwig - Managing Director

Saving time is a treat.

By implementing Rotageek, the bakery was able to cut out countless hours of admin time, usually dedicated to making, adjusting and broadcasting schedules. More than this, the cupcake specialists and staff could see their own schedules in a few clicks, giving them the flexibility and transparency they needed. “Using Rotageek’s smart solution means we’ve been able to spend less time on scheduling and more on what matters to us: sprinkling happiness into our customers’ days.”

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