A fresh approach to scheduling.

The Challenge.
  • Using a series of spreadsheets to calculate labour budgets and create schedules

  • They wanted to take steps to first digitalise manual processes and optimise schedule effectiveness

  • A robust digital solution that could be deployed in just 1 month across 4000 employees

The Results.
  • Optimised rotas created in 30 seconds vs 2-3 hours of manual process previously

  • Decreased their staff costs by 8% with optimised scheduling

  • Their internal productivity markers saw a 16% increase, accounting for an extra £83K worth of sales


The iconic global brand is a well-known fixture on city streets across the UK&I, offering an unrivalled collection of handmade cosmetics and supporting groups and causes that they truly believe in.


Their creativity remains unfettered by industry trends and thrives on passion, innovation and the excitement of their next invention. More than this, though, it’s the focus on their people and customers that gives an unparalleled in-store experience that sets the company apart.

Sweet scheduling partners.

Lush chose Rotageek to revolutionise their staff scheduling across the UK, with a focus on embracing the benefits of digital technology to simplify processes and enable staff to input better into their work-life balance. The roll-out supported Lush in improving their employee experience and gave their managers time back for higher-value tasks in around 100 stores and amongst 4,000 team members.


Shower Power to the people.

It’s with these employees in mind, that a pioneering staff scheduling solution like Rotageek could make all the difference. By giving employees visibility of their schedules in real-time and collaborating with them in the scheduling process you improve both the employee and customer experience in tandem.

"Our store and warehouse managers across our UK&I business are thrilled with the new system. Less time is being spent on scheduling and more time is being spent with their teams and customers."
Kasey Swithenbank - UK&I Retailer

Results that fizz.

Implementing effective rota writing during the pandemic at Lush’s Birmingham Flagship store saw amazing results...

YTD productivity increased by 65% and December 2020 alone saw a productivity increase of 16%, accounting for an extra £83K worth of sales.

Lush's team also benefited from an industry-leading mobile app - where they have full visibility of their schedules, receive critical communications, are able to swap or pick up extra shifts, submit their leave requests; all with major positive effects on employee engagement.

Learn more about Lush's scheduling journey

Read (or listen!) to Jennifer Handley of the Lush Global Flagship Store and Spa Management Team in Birmingham, as she discusses in-depth, rotas, productivity and leadership.

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