Building the Foundations to Retain a Flexible Workforce


Watch this webinar to learn...

  • How the pandemic has accelerated the need for better employee work/life balance

  • To what extent businesses with fluctuating customer demand can adopt flexible working

  • Strategies that can help to retain and attract talent back into sectors where labour is forecasted to customer demand

Over the last two years, the pandemic has presented numerous challenges for businesses. From long periods of forced closures, to self isolating mayhem, there have been huge financial and workforce pressures thrust upon all industries.

But what’s going to be the lasting impact once the c-word has disappeared from recent memory? As well as the challenges the pandemic brought, it has also paved the way for a flexible workforce that is now truly here to stay. We’ve known this for a number of years with the rise of the gen-Z workforce, but the pandemic has accelerated the need for all staff schedules to adapt to individuals, whilst still meeting business KPIs.

So how do businesses who need to meet fluctuating customer demand, also satisfy their workforce needs for better work/life balances?

Join us as we explore how organisations can build the right foundations for the workforce of 2022.

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