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Finding your perfect rota partner and successfully meeting NHS e-rostering guidance.

Moving from disparate, outdated legacy systems
to a complete workforce management ecosystem solution is complex - we won’t sugar coat it. You need the right roles and skills, not just to meet the patient demand, but to improve service, standards and quality of care.

Luckily the NHS isn’t short on guidance about e-rostering and workforce management. Since the launch of the NHS People Plan in 2020, various resources have reinforced the rewards and necessity of digital scheduling in healthcare. But how do you put it into practice?

This guide will share how to approach your rostering project and gather the information you need to implement a modern, holistic rostering solution to benefit both patient and employee care.

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“We need every tool in our armoury to make sure the current workforce is deployed in the right place at the right time with the right skills, that they are safe and that we are looking after them as much as we can.”

"Your organisation will have a unique set of objectives and values. So it’s important to look for an e-rostering provider that can cater to your individual needs."

"Having a clear understanding of your current process and how it compares to potential e-rostering solutions will help you to pinpoint any areas in your IT infrastructure that need attention."

Supporting healthcare organisations with their rostering...

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