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The Ultimate Guide to Employee Scheduling & Workforce Management


What is scheduling software? How can it improve sales? How do I build a business case to implement a solution? Am I getting the most from my current software?

These days, creating an employee rota needn’t be a manual, time consuming, error filled task. Thanks to data-driven technology and automatic algorithms, employee scheduling software is transforming a time consuming process, into a job that takes 30 seconds or less.

But it’s not merely about creating a simple rota. A successful schedule must anticipate labour demand, cater for employee requests and ensure optimal shift coverage. And when these processes work alongside other areas of workforce management such as time and attendance, leave management, payroll and HCM, this not only optimises business efficiency - it’s proven to increase customer experience and overall sales too.

Digitising your rota system can be the difference between surviving or thriving in today’s technologically advanced world. So stick with us as we dive into the ultimate guide to employee scheduling giving you the lowdown on employee scheduling software, reveal how global brands have reaped the benefits, and how to build your business case to move to a digital scheduling solution.

After all, the devil is in the detail.

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Here's what leading UK businesses think about their scheduling solutions...

"[Our solution] has helped us to reinvest time in the shop floor. Before our managed would spend too much time each week writing and editing rotas. If you consider your managers are the most trained team members, you really do want [them] on your shop floor talking to customers"



"Planning the right number of people with the right skills at the right time is no longer complicated and time consuming. The perfect integration with our HR and footfall traffic counting systems allow us to build effective schedules for our teams in a matter of minutes"

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"[It] helps us plan thousands of colleagues working in hundreds of locations, giving them visibility to plan their lives, and drive our goals in a fast-moving retail environment"



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