Workforce Management: Optimising teams, controlling costs.

The retail and hospitality sectors are facing major challenges...


From attracting and retaining talent to macro economic changes that affect customer demand. These industries are experiencing huge headaches as they attempt to capitalise on a return to stores and restaurants.

As retailers and hospitality owners do their best to recruit new people and make the industries great places in which to work and progress, workforce management has never been more important. Optimising the staff you have and finding effective ways of managing and organising increasingly flexible workforces, while meeting fluctuating customer demand, means finding the best solutions for each organisation’s needs.

This webinar assembles a panel of WFM specialists to look at the challenges, opportunities and how to optimise your return on personnel investment.

Retail Gazette - 10th Oct Webinar

Learn how to...

  • Find, train and keep talent as demand increases
  • Retain employees at a time when personnel resources are in short supply
  • Improve customer service and store performance
  • Future-proof your business
  • Better marry demand fluctuations with staffing levels to optimise ROI

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