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It’s a rota...and a geek thing.

Whether you're scheduling staff on the shop floor or rostering doctors, support your people with a leading scheduling and workforce management solution.

What is Rotageek? Put simply, we provide an app-based scheduling and workforce management solution that helps you plan labour to demand more efficiently. Whether you're scheduling staff on the shop floor or rostering doctors, we’ll help you create the perfect workforce schedule every time, broadcast it to your employees, fill and mitigate shift gaps, improve your labour to demand match and increase your sales or patient care.

Our workforce management solutions range from intuitive digital schedules to AI optimised rotas using forecasts from data points at your locations. 

And with tools to book leave, track time and attendance, clock in and out for shifts, a self-serve employee app and integrations into HR & Payroll software, we can provide an all-in-one workforce management solution. 


Digital Scheduling
Our Digital Scheduling solution includes the functionality you'd expect from an all-in-one workforce management solution. With digitised schedules and rotas at it's core, this workforce solution is ideal for businesses where labour scheduling is at the forefront of their operations.
Take your workforce management solution to the next level with Autoscheduling. One click, a million combinations – automatically create optimised schedules and rotas in seconds. Driven by AI, we'll create the best possible schedule, taking into account the needs of your business and the staff that are available.
Complete your workforce management solution with Forecasting. Using data points like footfall, historical transactions and key events and seasons, we'll forecast your customer demand and therefore the workforce labour needed to optimise labour costs and provide a great customer experience.

Don’t just take our word for it...

Our store and warehouse managers across our UK&I business are thrilled with the new system. Less time is being spent on scheduling and more time is being spent with their teams and customers.
Kasey Swithenbank
UK&I Retailer, Lush
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Why choose Rotageek?


Reduce schedule-related admin by up to 80%

Improve labour to demand match by up to 25%

Boost customer experience, with NPS score +7


Save up to 8% of labour spend

Proven to improve conversion, basket size and revenue

Enjoy 1% increase in sales for each 4% better labour match

Employee Happiness
Employee Happiness

Engage and empower teams to reduce turnover

See at least 4 point improvement in employee fairness sentiment

Revolutionise employee experience and work-life balance

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