Support vs Partnership: Why Your Vendor Should Be More Than Just a Helpline

by Rotageek on 5 June 2024

If your idea of “Support” conjures images of endless waits on the phone or in your email inbox, brace yourself for some good news. The Software as a Service (SaaS) revolution has significantly transformed the landscape of service and support. While once the dreaded wait times and bug-ridden experiences were the norm, today's SaaS environments offer much more streamlined and efficient solutions.

But there's an even more important shift happening: the move from simple support to genuine partnership.

The New Standard in SaaS

In the modern SaaS world, most workforce management (WFM) tech vendors offer Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that promise timely responses and a largely bug-free experience. This is now the baseline expectation. So, what's the next frontier for SaaS providers? Here at Rotageek, we believe it's about building a partnership rather than just offering support.

There is a shift happening - from what was once an annual review with a renewal agreement at the end of it, SaaS vendors are making moves to ensure there is a level of continuous management throughout the year. However, in the workforce management (WFM) world where employee well-being is front and centre, it is still a new and evolving process for many. It’s not enough to merely help customers adopt new software; it’s about integrating a new approach that continuously evolves with the client’s needs. This is where the concept of partnership comes into play.


Key Considerations for a Strong Partnership

When spotting a WFM vendor who is truly going to be a partner and not just a support line, there are some key characteristics you should be on the lookout for, beyond basic support:

Best Practice Sharing
Does the vendor have established processes and forums for sharing best practices? This is crucial for helping you maximise the value of their software. You should see this approach right from speaking to the initial sales team, through implementation and during the handover to customer success. Sharing examples from other customers, giving feedback on your current processes and suggesting better ways of operational efficiency, is the sign of a great vendor who truly has a vested interest in the success of your project.

Accessibility of Customer Success Managers
Is it easy to get in touch with a Customer Success Manager who can provide tailored advice and insights? Regular and proactive communication is a hallmark of a true partnership. This communication shouldn't be one-way either - Customer Success should be proactively reaching out with product release notes, asking for feedback on the solution and sharing insights into your usage. 

Community Engagement
Does the vendor foster a community of customers where you can share ideas and experiences? A strong customer community can be a valuable resource for learning and innovation. If you're not able to easily speak to a current customer, it may signify a pool of customers who are unhappy with the solution and the partnership approach from the vendor.

Additional Resources
Are there resources available to help you refine and evolve your workforce management model? This could include webinars, whitepapers, or training sessions. If you're after something specifically, the only ever answer you should receive from your Customer Success Manager is yes! 


Beyond Support: The Role of Feedback and Insights

A great SaaS vendor should not just respond to your needs but actively engage with you to provide feedback and suggestions based on your usage patterns. They should be proactive in offering insights and advice that can help you optimise your use of the software.

It's also essential to understand where your vendor is headed with their technology. Regular updates on their development roadmap can give you a clear picture of how the software will evolve and how it will continue to meet your needs. Don’t hesitate to ask about their recent updates and future plans—this transparency is a sign of a vendor committed to continuous improvement and alignment with your goals.


Remember, adopting a SaaS solution is not a one-off project but a continuous journey. Both your organisation and your software need to evolve together. Look for a vendor that shares your vision for the future and can support you every step of the way with insights, updates, and a commitment to your success.

In the end, the difference between support and partnership can be the difference between simply using a tool and truly transforming your workforce management culture. Choose wisely, and opt for a partner that will be with you for the long haul, guiding you towards a more efficient and effective future.

If you're after a true workforce management partnership, speak to the Rotageek team to begin your journey. 


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