Ashford & St Peter’s Hospital Trust

Supercharging interoperability.

The challenge.
  • A mismatch of systems that failed to support multiple departments
  • Little visibility of staffing levels, fill rates and leave requests
  • Poor retention rates and a lack of flexibility for over 4,500 employees
The results.
  • Doubled the pool of available clinicians to more than 5,000 workers
  • Now able to fill over 90% of vacant shifts (compared to 4% previously)
  • Doctors can self-roster, swap shifts and input preferences for a better work life balance

In 2019, Ashford & St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (ASPH) concluded that their workforce rostering approach needed reinventing. They have since embarked on a strategy to build a collaborative and flexible workforce with Rotageek and Locum’s Nest; 

a solution that has already improved efficiency and patient care across the organisation.

Time to get agile.

Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (ASPH) discovered an opportunity to innovate their workforce management. Previous rostering systems were failing to support multiple departments with no agility or oversight of the whole organisation. This was only heightened by the pandemic which shone a light on the need for an updated solution. The ASPH Trust hypothesized that if they bucked the trend and enlisted the help of forward-looking best of breed technology, they would benefit from better interoperability and a tech-enabled agile workforce.

ASP inside

Pioneering best of breed technology.

ASPH Trust chose the Rotageek e-rostering platform to be used in conjunction with their new transformative bank staff platform, Locum’s Nest. In utilising this advanced technology they developed the first live integration between rostering and bank staff platforms.

The solution was set up to streamline and transform workforce management for the trust by delivering an integrated best of breed approach for optimum efficiency. Benefits have included: automatic shift-filling, shared expertise and a collaborative relationship and a streamlined high-tech solution.

"Providing for our patients is our number one priority. Rotageek helps us to do this, plus give our team better access to manage their rota and reduce the effort in maintaining them, while making the most efficient use of our resources."
Debbie Beck - Project Manager, NHS Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals

Scheduling pain gain.

Since the initiation, ASPH has saved hundreds of thousands of pounds in expensive agency bills and already filled over 2,000 shifts. With Rotageek & Locum’s Nest, ASPH has already achieved outstanding results:

The pool of available clinicians for covering shifts has more than doubled with over 5,000 healthcare workers now available to call upon leading to a dramatic improvement in the trust’s ability to fill vacant shifts. 

The combination of flexible scheduling, effective bank staffing and self-rostering means the fatigued, stretched workforce now benefit from a better work life balance, decreasing rate of sickness and reducing those leaving the NHS all together. 

The ASPH departments are now united by a lean, joined up system. Plus, the bespoke solution means their varying rostering requirements and unique departmental issues are catered to.

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