Linc Cymru

Taking care of their staff scheduling.

The Challenge.
  • Make a move from their paper based scheduling system that was taking 2-3 hours a week of admin time to create
  • Improve employee engagement and support and retain their staff with more flexibility and visibility of their schedules
  • Have better control over their labour spend, with accurate staffing levels and less reliance on bank/agency staff
  • Improve internal process for picking up shifts, requesting holiday and clocking in
The Results.
  • A digital solution that reduces the admin time spent on schedules, with the ability to plan rotas well in advance
  • A solution to give employees a real time view of their schedules via their phones, and tools to be able to swap, drop and pick up shifts
  • Better visibility of their gap shifts, staff availability and spend on agency and bank staff
  • Improved internal processes for requesting leave which is reflected in the rota creation, and eradication of duplicate signing methods in for shifts
  • A Rotageek net promoter score of 34.6 across their workforce

Linc Cymru, a Housing Association and care provider based in Wales, came to Rotageek in need of some support when it came to scheduling their 350 care home staff. Linc Cymru were reviewing operations across all departments, with a view to improve and modernise their tech stack. Workforce management was identified as a key area that needed some TLC, and specifically rota creation was identified as the single biggest task for managers, taking up to 2-3 days per week. 

In need of some care .

Linc Cymru were using a paper based system when it came to their scheduling, which was leaving them prone to errors. Employees were finding their schedules in a rota book on the reception desk, and jotting shifts down themselves - and this was often only being published up 2-3 days in advance due to the workload of the rota team. 

Additionally, it wasn’t just their rotas that were paper based - paper forms were also being used for leave requests which was making managing leave difficult. Managers would often sign off the request without visibility of other staff available that week, and ensuring these requests were adhered to in the schedule creation meant remembering who was on holiday or checking through a pile of paper forms every week. 

This was also the case for clocking in and out for shifts. Manual sign in and sign out sheets meant there were worries around accuracy and time theft. When it came to cross checking hours worked vs hours scheduled, it was an administrative burden for the payroll team as the evidence of work captured on paper was then being scanned and emailed to payroll to collate and cross check.

As a result of using a paper based system, Linc Cymru identified they were overspending on their staff. Managers weren’t able to easily see the shift gaps in their rota, and therefore who was available from their workforce to cover them. This meant they were resorting to bank and agency staff to fill what they believed to be a gap shift, which not only caused an admin headache, but often resulted in more staff on shift than needed and unnecessary costs.

Linc Cymru were also keen to have a better way to engage with their employees on their preferred hours. The incumbent manual system was causing employee engagement issues, with last minute rota changes, inaccurate timesheets and no simple way of staff being able to provide their availability or pick up or drop shifts. In an industry where staff churn is high, they wanted to be able to build schedules that had the individual employee in mind and give them more flexibility and control over their schedule. 

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“Rotageek has completely changed the way we work at Linc Cymru. It has transformed the manual processes our employees had to complete every shift and has revolutionised the way we manage our workforce in the office. We now have better control of our labour spend and we can plan employee schedules well in advance, which has made our employees very happy!”


Ffion Marks - Linc Cymru

Results from some TLC.

Once Rotageek Digital Scheduling was up and running across all locations in the Linc Cymru group, it didn’t take long for the results to become apparent - and this has been evident in their net promoter score which has averaged at 34.6 since the roll out.

Managers are now spending less time creating their rotas on a weekly basis. They’re able to plan their rotas well in advance and broadcast them out to their staff, helping with their employee engagement objectives. Additionally, employees now have their current work schedules on their phones, so are no longer reliant on the rota book at the reception desk to find their next shifts. They have more control over their work schedules, taking advantage of being able to swap, drop and pick up work easily, mitigating no shows for shifts. 

Leave is now requested by employees via the Rotageek app. This provides managers with visibility as to who else is on leave that week, meaning they can be confident they have enough cover for the shifts required. Once accepted, these requests are automatically reflected in their rota creation and an employee won’t be scheduled when they shouldn’t be - no more sifting through paper request forms!

When it comes to visibility and filling shift gaps, Linc Cymru now has a solution to be able to see their gaps well in advance and broadcast them out to their staff for cover. This has resulted in them only staffing where necessary, with less of a reliance on bank staff. Their workforce across all locations, as well as their regular bank staff, are now all on one scheduling platform, meaning they can share staff across locations and reduce manual ringing around trying to find shift cover, improving their internal processes. They also have better control over their labour spend. With less of a reliance on these bank and agency staff, they have been able to reduce their labour costs. 

During the roll out, it was also identified that Linc Cymru used a Sign In Solution for visitors to their care home, an app which employees also have to sign into for health and safety reasons. The group didn’t want their staff to have to sign in for their shifts twice, so the Rotageek team were able to integrate these solutions. Now an employee’s sign in/out on Linc Cymru’s solution, produces a clock in/out for a shift in Rotageek. This enables the organisation to reduce complex clocking in processes, mitigate time theft and create accurate timesheets based on hours worked - which are then sent directly to payroll.

Since their deployment, to date (Jan 24) Linc Cymru have…

  • Created 26,152 shifts
  • Approved 28,1163 hours that have been sent to payroll 
  • Recorded 593 clock in/out’s with the integration into their Sign in Solution
  • Filled 98 gap shifts

…with the help of Rotageek! We’re excited to continue our partnership and see these numbers grow.

What Linc Cymru's employees say about Rotageek...

“Firstly I will say thank you for bringing Rotageek. It’s fast and efficient. I will definitely recommend it to others. Thank you”

“I really enjoyed it as less stress, not time consuming and everything in one place👌”

“It’s user friendly and can access easily”

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