Digital Scheduling.

A core workforce solution for rota planning that’s simple and smart.

Our Digital Scheduling solution includes the functionality you'd expect from an all-in-one workforce management solution. With digitised schedules and rotas at it's core, this workforce solution is ideal for businesses where labour scheduling is at the forefront of their operations. 

Create, edit, manage and share optimised staff rotas from one intuitive platform and cut down the shift scheduling admin. Broadcast shifts to staff through the Rotageek app and allow employees to self-serve leave requests, pick up shifts and clock in and out for shifts on-the-go.

Whether you’re desk-based, ward-based or always on the move, our cloud-based scheduling solution will keep you on top of your workforce management, providing a seamless experience across devices, including tablets and mobiles.


Build Rotas & Schedules Effortlessly.

Use simple, intuitive drag and drop functionality to edit and optimise schedules and rotas in minutes, broadcasting and notifying employees every time a change or update is made. Easily clone schedules and plan rotas in advance as needed. With drill down capabilities on locations, tasks, positions or contract types in the builder, it’s simple to create the perfect schedule every time.



Cost-effective rosters and schedules.

As well as the admin time costs saved with our intuitive digital scheduling, the Rotageek solution also helps to save on labour costs. Manage labour allocation and track labour spend effectively to maximise budgets see where your staffing levels can be improved.

And your ROI will be much higher - our product is specifically designed to operate in certain verticals, so we accurately match your labour to your demand using all the complex variables in these industries, which naturally results in more sales and better customer experiences.


Engage your Workforce.

Rotageek’s intuitive mobile app nurtures a positive culture where employees thrive. Align schedules to your workforce's preferences and rules by inputting shift patterns for all or selected employees. When you create or edit a new schedule, Rotageek ensures pre-defined shifts are reflected, keeping employees happy and meeting contractual compliance.

Staff also feel empowered to proactively own their rota, with self-serve tools to manage leave, absence, shift swaps and overtime. With support included as standard and live chat in-app functionality, we'll also reduce your workload too.


Intelligent Scheduling.

Track and analyse the metrics that matter to your business through Rotageek’s simple, powerful reporting capability. Customisable, real-time analysis on staff, skills and costs enables you to achieve more in less time compared to traditional reporting methods.

Continually drive performance and ROI by making smart decisions based on data rather than guesswork.


“[Rotageek is] a solution that helps us plan thousands of colleagues working in hundreds of locations, gives our colleagues visibility and agency to plan their lives and drives our goals in a fast-moving retail environment.”

Joe Leith, Productivity Manager, William Hill

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An all-in-one workforce management solution including...

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