Best medical podcasts for med students

by Rotageek on 26 October 2020

Listening to podcasts is no longer a trend. Grabbing even just ten minutes to tune out of the real world is not only beneficial for your mental health - it can be educational too. For those in medicine, there are hundreds of podcasts on your chosen media platform. So which to listen to first?

At Rotageek, we work with dozens of healthcare providers - plus we were founded by two NHS doctors. So we have a direct insight into which medical podcasts are really the best. Covering everything from the latest healthcare information to what it’s really like to go to medical school, we’ve picked the best medical podcasts to pop on your playlist.

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The best medical podcasts for med students include:

  • 2 Docs Talk
  • The Short Coat Docs
  • Outside The Box
  • and many more!

Whether you’re on route to work, grabbing a rare coffee break or looking for a listen whilst you get the dinner on - take your pick from our favourite medical podcasts...


The Undifferentiated Medical Student

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Unsure what’s next in your medical education? 4th year medical student, Ian Drummond, gets it.

Listen to in-depth interviews with doctors from 120 different specialties in The Undifferentiated Medical Student. From pediatrics to sleep medicine, there’s a topic for every med student who feels a little lost in their next career move.

Each episode of this growingly popular podcast follows the same format for easy listening. You’ll learn about the day of day of each featured speciality as well as how each interviewee came to realise it was the right path for them. They’ll also be a bunch of incredibly helpful advice for long-term career planning.


Docs Outside the Box

After watching the Cosby Show, Dr. Nii Darko decided he wanted to work in medicine. As a kid, the idea of being a successful doctor with a loving family sounded ideal. But after a long stint training to get his degree and license, he realised it wasn’t picture perfect.

12 months later, he’d collected hundreds of stories from doctors who worked outside mainstream medicine. War medics, TV physicians, humanitarian workers and entrepreneurs. They were Docs Outside The Box.

The must-listen podcast tells the tales of healthcare professionals doing extraordinary things - outside an exam room. Get inspired from professionals who take their medical degree to another level.


Bedside Rounds

Adam Rodman’s narrative podcast began as a way to share his ‘cocktail party stories’ in 2014. The second-year resident shared fascinating insights into his early medical career.

We love the humorous, natural style of Bedside Rounds. Each episode is as educational as it is entertaining. The stories are often historical, delving deep into intellectual, social and cultural events that have shaped healthcare. Discover the healing power of magnets, Sherlock Holmes’ medical origins and a regular does of #AdamAnswers.

Now a Harvard medical educator, Adam Rodman continues his podcast as an extension of the lessons he teaches, in partnership with the American College of Physicians.

If you’re looking for a podcast that doesn’t take up too much of your well earned break - Bedside Rounds may just be for you. Episodes can be as short as 20 minutes.


2 Docs Talk

2 Docs Talk is your weekly dose of current healthcare industry news. Join co-hosts Kendall Britt, MD a practising hospitalist and Amy Rogers, MD, a Dallas medical writer in a lighthearted 15-minute check up.

You’ll get the latest on up-to-date policy issues, medical events and doctor patient relationships - something these two Docs have a strong opinion on.

There’s also a lot of expert talk on subjects from medical marijuana to the US Healthcare System.


RCP Medicine Podcast

The RCP Medicine Podcast is highly recommended for those in med school who want to learn more about modern healthcare. Dr Amie Burbridge, a consultant in acute medicine, hosts each episode with junior doctors often joining for an in-depth discussion.

Topics are chosen based on the RCP (Royal College of Physicians) exams, so for medical students looking to cram in some last minute revision - this is an excellent choice. Learn about real-life clinical cases, new evidence-based guidelines and various modern day healthcare issues.


The Healthcare Policy Podcast

The Healthcare Policy Podcast covers the often complex, constantly evolving world of policy hosted by David Introcaso Ph.D., a policy consultant who has over 25 years’ experience.

Interviews with healthcare policy experts discuss timely updates in line with political effects, research and compliance.

Whilst the subject is serious, there are no one-sided viewpoints. Popular topics include medical ethics in a COVID-19 world, the climate crisis and healthcare, and the problem with medical misdiagnosis.


This Podcast Will Kill You

Brought to you by grad students studying disease ecology, This Podcast Will Kill You is an insight into the weird and wonderful world of medicine.

If gruesome discussions are up your street, then listen along with co-hosts Erin Welsh and Erin Allmann Updyke.

Covering the history, biology and well, how concerned you should be, about deadly diseases, this podcast Is infectious as its topics. Grab a cocktail and listen along to episodes from the story of the Rocky Mountain spotted fever to a ‘no details spared’ insight into living with lactose intolerance.


The Short Coat

Whether you’re thinking of going to medical school, or you’re already a few years in - The Short Coat podcast is one that will guide you through this uncertain journey.

Each week this honest and fun podcast covers top questions from how to deal with doctor burnout to how do med students fit in a dating life? The Short Coat is less about the science and more about the social aspects of a medical career.

Listen in, laugh along and learn about what being a doctor is really like with host Dave Etler and the students of the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine.

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