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Balancing care and costs, rostering in Care Homes

By Rotageek on 16-Jun-2020 08:49:21

Post COVID-19, Rostering in Care Homes will never be the same. 

Care homes are a vital cog of the UK healthcare industry, with more than 12,250 in existence for personal care and nursing care. Even in a time of normalcy, their two biggest pain points that lead to facilities closing are falling standards, as a result of shortages in the staff, and the cost of staff increasing.

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5 Ways rotas will change as stores reopen amidst COVID-19

By Rotageek on 18-May-2020 13:11:55

5 Ways rotas will change as stores reopen!

At some point in the near future, the high-street will reopen and shoppers, with their pent up desire to go shopping, will return. This is evidenced in China where society has slowly regained some form of normality. While we are yet to see the full extent of the long-standing effects on society, one thing is certain: Consumer behaviour has changed and businesses need to adapt.

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Five long-term benefits of data-driven scheduling

By Rotageek on 07-Feb-2019 14:58:11

Creating, editing and disseminating schedules can often feel like a time-consuming, hurried and reactive process. However, by utilising data-driven scheduling you can accurately forecast far into the future; empower employees to have greater input into their schedules; and be proactive in making important business strategy decisions.

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